La Playita, the new release of Get Physical, is celebrating Latin culture

Betting on musical multiculturalism and ethnic exchange, Yulia Niko and Bombossa Brothers sign the newest release of Get Physical Music, opening with the right foot the year 2021 of the label.La Playita” brings a rescue of the exciting vocals of Colombian singer Totó La Momposina, integrating atmospheres of the vibrant House, with robust percussions and Afro-Latin atmospheres.

The vocal line was known through the track “El Pescador”, from 1991, composed by Totó La Momposina and later worked by Michel Cley in La Mezcla, already with the dance floor’s atmosphere. The single released by Get Physical integrates the label’s characteristic of highlighting cultural exchange, through the rescue of fascinating elements of the musical history of various regions of the world.


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