CLIKNO celebrates its 5th anniversary with new EP Muaco from Dr.Nojoke

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MUACO = Music against Corona

In 2021 CLIKNO celebrates its 5th anniversary and presents with its 10th release a very special acoustic techno EP from Dr.Nojoke entitled “Muaco”.


01 Dengi 05:30
02 S-Oum 08:19
03 Muaco 05:45

This EP is a child of the Corona crisis. Muaco stands for Music against Corona and deals with the clubless time we are all experiencing.

When Dr.Nojoke picked up his Höfner acoustic guitar during the lockdown in spring he was looking for new inspirations. The recordings led to three brilliant poly-rhythmical tracks for a special trip far off the beaten path.

Dr.Nojoke suggests his EP as much as a way for home-clubbing as well as a listening experience.
We don´t even know, if it is techno or what, but as mostly all parts were created with acoustic guitar you may file it under acoustic techno or guitar techno.
We think it is just great groovy music – pulsating, hypnotic, danceable, kraut-ish, freaky – that should be played everywhere.

CLIKNO kills fascists!

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