Those Three – Blind [Those Series]

Those Three - Blind [Those Series]

Those Three – Blind [Those Series]

After more than ten years of continuously working on perfecting their skills and releasing some of their productions with Pulsar Music, Ukiyo and What Now Becomes Ltd, the mysterious Italian trio Those Three present Blind EP alongside Arapu on remix duties on their freshly founded vinyl-only label Those Series. Born from the unconditional love the artists have for the electronic music culture, the purpose of the imprint is to showcase an eclectic mix of forgotten notes and new generation sounds, perfect for the dancefloor.

For THOSESERIES001 Those Three invited local DJ and producer Arapu to work his magic on the title track as his signature sound always delivers captivating compositions flavoured with driving rhythms and intricate effects. A second release is planned for the near future and will include the usual three unknown artists accompanied by a remix from one of the strongest producers in Berlin. Stay tuned for more!

Side A opens with the title track “Blind”, a steaming minimalistic piece designed with a steady-paced drumming pattern and a prominent bassline in focus, to which numerous microlayers are added as well as spacious breakdowns. The background textures also include heavily modulated vocal samples, creating an eerie dimension which perfectly intertwines with all the elements. Following, “Euterpe” drops a solid four by four tech vibe aimed at the dancefloor, built with pumping percussion, electric voices and twisted synth work.

On Side B we find Arapu‘s re-interpretation of “Blind”, which uses the original layers in order to expand into a more funky sound that can be used as a serious weapon for peak-time moments at any party. A subtle aquatic feeling generated by the additional swirls and glitches is also present while the tempo gets buffed, completing the record with style. A highly-recommended wax right here!

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Artist: Those Three
Title: Blind
Label: Those Series
Cat. number: THOSESERIES001
Release date: 16.09.2020
Format: Vinyl-only

Words by AndreiB

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