6 experimental sets by Raresh, Piticu, Borusiade, Derek, Vlad Caia, g76 & Afumati

6 experimental sets by Raresh, Piticu, Borusiade, Derek, Vlad Caia, g76 & Afumati

In this silent January of 2021, we invite you to taste a different side of electronic music, one more close to our current state. In this article, you can listen to six experimental sets exploring a wide spectrum of ambient sounds, downtempo beats, jazzy vibes and even classical instruments, recorded by Raresh, Piticu, Borusiade, Derek, Vlad Caia, g76 and Afumati (Cezar Lazar & Praslea). Each set will give you insight into the artistic universe of the artist, unveiling a different part of their music collection.

Raresh – CultKitchen Radio Show 3-years celebration

For the first time, in a long career as a dj, Raresh published an ambient & experimental set marking the 3rd anniversary of CultKitchen Radio Show. While it is unexpected to hear Raresh playing downtempo tracks mixed with what feels like binaural sounds, the entire set is very well composed from start to end. With super-smooth transitions from a track to another, Raresh captures the listeners’ imaginations in a far distant and meditative state, probably a deep reflection on the current state.

Piticu – live studio session @ Sunrise Hub

This set recorded by Piticu at Sunrise Hub, in Bucharest, represents a completely different approach to the electronic music. During the three hours journey, Piticu evolves into unexpected directions, as the sounds reflect upon an experimental vision, explored through intricate soundscapes, drones and effects.

Borusiade – The Dreamcatcher 36 – Radio Comeme

Every month Borusiade publishes a new mixtape, part of her “The Dreamcatcher” series, presented by Radio Cómeme. Every episode is unique in its own way and contains fragments made of unusual rhythmical experiences. This episode, number 36, it is about rainy days during the lockdown.

Derek – feeder jukebox #15 

Aside from his work dedicated to the underground electronic music culture, Derek also enjoys digging for unconventional sounds and exploring the depths of music. Experimental Rec 001 taps into the abstract, revealing another side of the artist, one that likes to dive deep into patterns that push boundaries and genres.

G76 & Vlad Caia – Experimental de toamna at Misbits Record Shop

In the autum of 2015, Vlad Caia meet with G76 at Misbits Record Shop for a 2 hour live set that combines parts of their productions with lots of improvising. The first part of the set was recorded by Half is enough.

Afumati (Cezar Lazar & Praslea) – Intrinsic 01

Posted online a while ago, this smooth experimental set mixed by Afumati (Cezar Lazar & Praslea) offers the listeners a deep experience into an abstract space defined by sounds, instruments, voices and wildlife. Inspired by jazz and classical music with a minimalistic approach, Afumati opens the gates to an abyssal and timeless dimension experience.

Words by: Cristina Popa (random) & Andrei Racovițan (ubic)

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