exclusive premiere: Piticu – Trancend

Piticu - Trancend 01

feeder sound exclusive premiere: Piticu – Trancend

Bucharest-based Piticu is an established presence on the local minimal techno scene with an activity that spans for more than 7 years, time in which he performed countless times for thousands of people. From private parties to large festivals in Romania and abroad, his unique way of phrasing the sounds of minimal, house and techno showcase his solid mixing skills and passion for electronic music.

Among the artists he shared the decks with, we find Sublee, Cristi Cons, Sammy Dee, Barac, Cesar Merveille, Cally, r.hitect, Kozo, Denis Kaznacheev, Nu Zau, Arapu, Faster, Nima Gorji, Crihan and many, many others. When it comes to production, some of his works have been published by Unanim Records, Arma, Dissonant, Atmos, Valioso Recordings and Undefined Music. This album is certainly different from his previous releases as the sounds reflect upon an experimental vision, explored through intricate soundscapes, drones and effects.

“All I can say is that “Diz Dayz” made me release this album… What can we do these days… we can only calm our mind and thoughts within an oasis of experimental music.”


“Trancend” is the last track to be found on this material and is the only one that has a steady rhythm in its composition. The cut kicks off with a stripped-back trance-like arrangement which evolves into a 10 min adventure designed with wobbling basslines, swirling glitched effects and warm background pads. From clipping textures, dissonant sequences, warping and morphing atmospheres to quirky rhythmic moments and even distorted jazzy flavours, Diz Days surely stands out with its constructions, sliding into an obscure dimension far away from everyday mainstream music. Highly recommended for eclectic selectors and collectors!

Grab your copy of Diz Days from Bandcamp.

Artist: Piticu
Title: Trancend / Diz Days
Release Date: 29.07.2020
Format: Digital

Words by: AndreiB

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