Discover the abstract art of Romanian visual artist Ciprian Purcaru

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Ciprian Purcaru or his alter ego #jesuisciprian is a Romanian visual artist with deep roots in the ethnic and universal symbols of the daily life he encounters. He describes himself as a profound dadaist, an avant-garde creator with a strong passion for the underground and contemporary art movement. His artistic expression reveals a complex undergoing personal project which incorporates traditional painting, digital art and a practical approach to graphic design.

The works he brings forward can easily be considered art manifestos which combine introspection with symbolism, subtly hidden in geometrical shapes, patterns and surprising colours. The beauty remains a closed concept, attained through the perfection of the shapes he comes up with, while the fractal dimension is explored in great detail as it serves as a source of constant inspiration. The abstract vision is often combined with reality through photography, GIF or video art, yet, Ciprian Purcaru remains outside his perception and prefers to offer only glimpses of the inner universe he combines in the most intimate bindings.

Some of his works have been displayed in public exhibitions like “Modo in domum suam” and “Da3dA” in collaboration with the independent theatre festival “Teatru sub lună” in 2019 and 2020, “Tristan Tzara și cultura DADA” (international symposium and museum exhibition, 2019), while others are available on his website or in private collections. A lot of concepts are still work in progress as the spacious coordinates of his art have infinite potential and settling for one movement to be framed is solely based on moments of inspiration, projection and pure experiments.

As cultural activities have been seriously affected by the measures taken by the authorities to fight the pandemic this year, Ciprian Purcaru remains inspired and active, testing new ideas every day and going beyond. Let’s find out more about him and his work:

feeder: Hello Ciprian, happy to have you as a guest on our platform! Your works surely put one’s mind to the test. What made you choose this specific style of art? What is it that inspires you and how do you choose your medium?

Ciprian Purcaru: Hello feeders! I was born an experimentalist and therefore I am forced by curiosity to discover techniques, vibrations (especially), meanings… The need to find alternatives to this unjust and fallen (not decadent) world made me look for new ways to explore existence. Inspiration is present in every detail that surrounds me, there are acute flashes that I perceive through all five senses. The decision to choose the medium of manifestation belongs to the moment.

feeder: Tells us something about this process of combining traditional techniques with the latest technology when it comes to graphic design. Is there a deeper message hidden behind all of the experiments?

Ciprian Purcaru: All the experiments I make with different techniques are based on life! Each approach is related to the message which I feel I want to convey. My expressivity is intrinsically linked to the message, to the artistic energy of the moment. What’s certain is that I have always considered that art must be related to real life, to every human conquest and I believe that the use of technology in art leads to a kind of sacralization of it, humanizing it indefinitely. How do I choose the means of expression and technology? I simply stop thinking and embrace the message. Then I naturally add layers of art and technology. One after another.

feeder: 2020 has been a tough year for all of us, no doubt. How did those changes and happenings affect your creative process and your life? Are you working on something that visually expresses those feelings?

Ciprian Purcaru: Art gives me huge power and makes me overcome the delicate moments that everyday existence implies. I went through many experiences that hardened me, shaped me and gave me strength. I’m more powerful than the inherent events of relative human existence. Yes, I am working on two personal collections (one related to mixed media and a theatrical expression in ink) and a bigger art project in which I will train artists from different fields. Trust me it will be great!

feeder: After this pandemic will be over, some things could return to normal in the cultural environment, or some things may never be the same again. What do you think about this? How are you planning to adapt to the new outcome?

Ciprian Purcaru: Surely the world of art will be completely immersed in the online medium. Artistic offline exposure will become an exception. I am ready, I have been prepared since my artistic beginnings, I told you before that I am an experimentalist and practically this transition/transformation for me is natural and obligatory. We live in evolution. “Viva la evolución!”

feeder: Now, to conclude, describe how a perfect day rolls out for you!

Ciprian Purcaru: A perfect day? hmmm… A day without problems, a day without politics, a day with family, a child’s smile, a good book to read, the harmony between good and unknown, a project made with my friends or the realization of a beautiful project. And good music to complete the mood, of course.

We invite you to find out more about Ciprian Purcaru‘s activity from his website and Facebook page.

Words by: AndreiB 
Images by: © Ciprian Purcaru

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