20 of the most intriguing recent releases on vinyl

20 of the most intriguing recent releases on vinyl

Here is your chance to feed your curiosity for underground electronic music with some of the most intriguing vinyl EP / LP, produced by local and international artists.

This extended list contains a collection of 20 vinyl releases, carefully selected from labels like Arupa Music Limited, Atipic Lab, Black Box Records, Bread And Butter RecordingsDiscotech, Elarum, ÉTÉ, Fantastic Friends, feeder soundHashplantKontentReal Gang, Red District, SaktuSanguina Records, Sonora Ltd, Soper Univers, Stamp Records, Vivus RecordsZimotik, all of which we recently reviewed. You can listen to a few of the tracks in full length exclusively on feeder.ro in the premiere column.

In this abyssal journey to finding the sounds and frequencies that resonate with our listeners’/readers’ hearts and feelings, many times we get lost in the vast stream of music available. But happily, and from time to time, we succeed to find quality music to write about.

Dive deep into the musical universe produced by Alessio Viggiano, Bauch3, Bexu, Bruno Pronsato, BucurieCameliaDirekt, Chiordan, Cvtkvc, DJ GLC, Dopustim, Dot13, Dubfound, Floska, Kiril, Leanca, Etre, Nicolas Duvoisin, Livio & Roby, Matpri, Saktu, Luc Ringeisen, Macarie, MillerMiroloja, Nick Beringer, Petit Batou, Phoq, PiktorPrimărie, Rares Romanov, Robert Apetrei, Rowlanz, Ruff Stuff, Simone Venanzi, Triptil, Vito Fattore, Zenk & Zlatnichi and find your inspiration for your vinyl collection.

Alessio Viggiano - DTW002 discotech

Alessio Viggiano – DTW002 (Nick Beringer remix) [discotech]

Bexu - Calatoria Crihan Remix article

Bexu – Calatoria [Arupa Music Limited]

Bucurie – Mirror Time EP [feeder sound]

Camelia - Shake [Vivus] 01

Camelia – Shake [Vivus Records]

Direkt - Binary Variable EP [Soper Univers] 01

Direkt – Binary Variable EP [Soper Univers]

Leanca - Kontent 003 [Kontent] 001

Leanca – Kontent 003 [Kontent]

Etre - Unknown 07 [ETE] 001

Etre – Unknown 07 [ÉTÉ]

Nicolas Duvoisin - Little Guy (Rowlanz Remix) [Fantastic Friends] 02

Nicolas Duvoisin – Little Guy (Rowlanz Remix) [Fantastic Friends]

Livio & Roby - Atipic Lab 011 [AtipicLab]

Livio & Roby – Atipic Lab 011 [AtipicLab]

Matpri, Saktu - Vidimo [Saktu] 01

Matpri & Saktu – Vidimo [Saktu]

Miller - A Moment in Time 01

Miller – A Moment In Time [Real Gang]

Rares Romanov - Saints and Suicide [Elarum] 01

Rares Romanov – Saints and Suicide [Elarum]

Robert Apetrei - Travelers of the future-[Hashplant] 01

Robert Apetrei – Travelers of the future [Hashplant]

Simone Venanzi - Silk [Sonora Ltd]

Simone Venanzi – Silk [Sonora Ltd]

VA (Bruno Pronsato, Luc Ringeisen, Dubfound, Dopustim) – ZMT 002 [Zimotik]

various - sanguina 005 [sanguina records]

VA (Kiril, Macarie, Bucurie & Dot13) – Sanguina 005 [Sanguinarecords]

VA (Phoq, Petit Batou, Zenk, Bauch3) – From Paris To Rome Vol. 2 [Stamp Records]

VA (Phoq, Petit Batou, Zenk, Bauch3) – From Paris To Rome Vol. 2 [Stamp Records]

VA (Piktor, Miroloja,  Triptil) – Edition 3 [Bread And Butter Recordings]

VA (Piktor, Miroloja,  Triptil) – Edition 3 [Bread And Butter Recordings]

VA (Primărie, Chiordan, Zlatnichi, Cvtkvc) – RDL002 [Red District]

VA (Primărie, Chiordan, Zlatnichi, Cvtkvc) – RDL002 [Red District]

Black Box Records Curates BLBX04, a Collection From Various Artists (Ruff Stuff, Floska, Vito Fattore,DJ GLC)

VA (Ruff Stuff, Floska, Vito Fattore, DJ GLC) – BLBX04 [Black Box Records]

Reserve your copies at deejay.de.
Stay tuned because soon we will announce the pre-sale for the upcoming vinyl release on feeder sound label.

Words by Cristina Popa (random) & Andrei Racovițan (ubic)

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