Join the DOME with Summa and Rorschach Records

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In 2020, an unexplainable crisis suddenly overwhelmed our planet. Life changed rapidly and each human being was brutally condemned to isolation. The deleterious consequences of this crisis appeared rapidly and plunged humanity into an unprecedented depressive feeling.

Summa, i.e. two artists with boundless creativity in search of freedom, took advantage of this situation to create an original microcosm named DOME. This half-sphere of energy provides the most audacious listeners with a preserved area where they can feel unexposed to the sad reality of the world.

Their emissaries 2088, i.e. Central Rodeo and David Armada, were entrusted with the task of transmitting the information on this new life space through an enchanting and hope-raising musical experience.

It is now up to you to accept this invitation and join the DOME.

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