Platform rec releases the 2nd chapter of its “Umwelten” saga

Platform rec releases the 2nd chapter of its “Umwelten” saga

Platform rec takes advantage of general lockdowns releasing the 2nd chapter of its “Umwelten” saga

Techno-focused label Platform rec. releases the second chapter of its “Umwelten” saga. A series dedicated to the most introspective side of electronic music: ranging from ambient techno to drone.

“As a label, since our first release, we’ve always explored the broad spectrum of techno music – alternating both deeper tracks and main room stompers.”

Valerio Vaudano (label head)

And he adds “the EP that we’re going to release is the second half of our first approach to ambient-techno sound and it has been on our radar for a while, we were looking for the best moment to give it to the world..”.

Now it looks like “this perfect moment” has come: people have more time to listen, people have more time to stop and think.

Here’s a fun bit of trivia: ‘Umwelten‘ means “environment” or “surroundings” and is the biological foundations that lie at the very epicentre of the study of both communication and signification in the human (and non-human) animal. The term is usually translated as “self-centred world” and organisms can have different umwelten, even though they share the same environment. 

You can discover “Umwelten”, pt.2  on Spotify

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