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With the overall situation apparently taking another bad turn worldwide, we rely on good music to relax and take our minds off things. This Friday we welcome Lost in Details to deliver an intricate musical journey so adjust the volume of your speakers and enjoy!

Aside from established DJs and producers that we have as guests for our ongoing podcast series, here at feeder.ro we also love to support new talents that bring something fresh to the scene through their vision, style and dedication. Newcomer Hungarian artist Lost in Details is an avid electronic music collector who recently started to dedicate more and more time to digging and mixing. So far, he performed mostly at self-organised events in his hometown as well as at several clubs around the country, dropping deep and engaging selections every time. For the local events, he uses a self-built custom PA system, which stands as a solid argument for his passion and distinct take on modern electronica. Last year he founded Spannende Elektrik which functions as a platform for his events as well as a label, with the first release being delivered by Välth in the form of “Beweggründe EP”.

“With this set my intention is to involve the listener into a dark mysterious journey.”

Lost in Details

feeder sound 285 mixed by Lost in Details opens with a vast atmospheric sound that sweeps through the frequencies with a warm vibration and slowly introduces a steady-paced abstract rhythm that evolves into an eerie narrative. The tribal-infused swings leave room for some solid minimal pieces to follow and blend into an organic and hypnotic affair. The journey ends as it begins, with an introspective moment designed with ambient nuances.

Wednesday 18 November, starting with 6:00 PM (Romania time, GMT+3) we invite you to join us for yet another cosmic ride into the realm of electronic music and visual arts, this time with Primărie and Pisica Pătrată as our guest for the upcoming live streaming event. 🌀

Lost in Details on soundcloud | facebook | Spannende Elektrik
feeder sound on soundcloud | feeder.ro

Words by AndreiB

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