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Discover independent art in public spaces.

Un-hidden street art in Romania book in numbers:

  • 100 pages
  • 15 cities
  • 8 street art maps
  • 100 local and international artists
  • 200 places to visit
  • 350 photos with murals in Romania

A5 book, softcover, perfect bound, offset print, a limited edition of 500 prints.

The e-book is also available for purchase in the, google books and google play, with special discount, valid until the end of 2020.

UN-HIDDEN STREET ART IN ROMANIA (printed edition, 2019)


ISBN 978-973-0-30397-1

© Bucharest, Romania, Save or Cancel, 2019

Photography © / Save or Cancel by Petre Fall, Alex I, Anita Jambor, Dan Alexandru, Ana Moca Grama

Photography © Erps, Coon One, Pass, Mădălina Dobraca, Alexandra Pandrea, Alexandra Costea, Kseleqoqynqyshy, Kaps crew, Kitra, Andreea Sasaran, Obie Platon, J.Ace, Sibiu Street Art Festival, Robert Obert, Sinboy, Reptilianul

Huge ❤️ for their contributions: SISAF – Sibiu International Street ART Festival, Urban Spirit – Moldova, Pisica Pătrată


We invite you to explore new cities added on the Un-hidden Romania 🇷🇴 street art map and discover the recent works made by local and international artists:

Aito Kitazaki (JP)
Akacorleone (PT)
Alina Marinescu
Bios (UA)
Bust (MD)
Dome (DE)
Daste (RU)
Dhoz (MD)
Eomm (BY)
Estasky (ES)
Faunagraphic (UK)
Florenciei Duran [Colectivo Licuado] (UY)
Graffete [Sandy Balasoiu, Irina Mocanu]
Hedof (NL)
Japon (ES)
J.Ace (UK)
John Dot S
Krom (UK)
Kaps Crew
Livi Po murals & Lettering
Livia Fălcaru
Leafz (MD)
Lucian Hrisav
Maria Bălan
My Cute Creatures aka Creaturi drăguțe
Murivale Mureşan Vasile
Nicolas Alfalfa (VE)
Neakone (UA)
Obie Platon
Primitiv Print
Pisica Patrata
Pako (UA)
Robert Obert
Sandu Milea Lucian
Skinny Bunny
Sorina Vazelina
Sweet Damage Crew [Recis, Lost Optics, Cage, Pandele, Boeme1]
Trun (RU)
Vhils (PT)
Wanda Hutira aka Que Nais
Waone – Interesni Kazki (UA)


About the Un-hidden Street Art in Romania editorial project

Un-hidden Street Art in Romania aims to humanise and promote the knowledge of cities in Romania and Moldova, proposing their exploration through independent urban art, with the help of an exceptional publication, available online and in print, bilingual, for locals and tourists. The book presents over 120 independent artistic interventions and information about their authors.

The cultural interventions Un-hidden Bucharest 2017 and 2018, co-financed by AFCN, activate unusual or forgotten spaces, such as the Omnia Hall, Lente, Marconi Cinema, the Faculty of Sociology and Social Assistance, Dizainăr, Cina building – M60 Space, next to remarkable artists – Pisica Pătrată, Sorina Vazelina, Primitiv Print, Skinny Bunny, Paul Dunca, VJ VLC, Livi Po, Kseleqoqynqyshy, iZZY iZVNE (Moldova), John Dot S, Maria Bălan, producing a guided route and a print & online map with 22 of independent artistic interventions in the public space.
Un-hidden Street Art in Romania is a remarkable publication through which locals and tourists alike will discover new dimensions of the city through the effervescent alternative culture in development.

The Un-hidden Street Art in Romania editorial project is organised by Save or Cancel team, composed of Cristina Popa (random) and Andrei Racovițan (ubic), through and is co-funded by AFCN, thematic area: book. The program does not necessarily represent the position of the National Cultural Fund Administration. AFCN is not responsible for the content of the application or the way the program results can be used. These are entirely the responsibility of the beneficiary of the funding.



About Un-hidden Romania multi-annual program


Pisica Pătrată – Totem @ Lente
Skinny Bunny – Painting @ Omnia Hall (CNDB)
VJ VLC – Video mapping @ Cinema Marconi
Sorina Vazelina și Primitiv Print – Mural & screen printing @ Lente
Paul Dunca – Guided tour (1)


iZZY iZVNE – Mural @ Faculty of Sociology and Social Assistance
Pisica Pătrată – Painting @ Cina building – M60 Space
Livi Po – Mural @ Dizainăr
Kseleqoqynqyshy – Mural @ Faculty of Sociology and Social Assistance
John Dot S  – Stencil workshop @ Dizainăr
Maria Bălan – Linocut workshop @ Cina building – M60 Space
John Dot S  – Mural @ Omnia Hall (CNDB)
Open Doors – Travel Outside the box – Guided tour (2)
Paul Dunca – Guided tour (3)
Un-hidden Bucharest – Street art map print version


– Mural @ Faculty of Sociology and Social Assistance
Un-hidden Bucharest – Street art exhibition @ Romanian Design Week with Pisica Pătrată, Kseleqoqynqyshy, John Dot S, Maria Bălan
Open Doors – Travel Outside the box – Guided tour @ Cartierul Creativ (4, 5)
Aito Kitazaki – Mural @ Lente
Open Doors – Travel Outside the box – Guided tour (6, 7)
Online art gallery – Online store @
Un-hidden Romania – Street art map online version @
Un-hidden Romania – Street art exhibition x Acuarela @ Noaptea Albă a Galeriilor with Pisica Pătrată, Livi Po, Kseleqoqynqyshy, John Dot S, Maria Bălan & Skinny Bunny
Maria Bălan – Linocut workshop x DIPLOMA @ Cina building
Kseleqoqynqyshy – Mural @ Lente

About Save or Cancel
Since 2008, Save or Cancel is a medium of communication and propagation of the arts and culture, promoting and facilitating their role in contemporary society.
The self-initiated multidisciplinary programs of Save or Cancel aim to identify sustainable and adaptable opportunities for (re)valorisation of the existence through architectural, cultural and editorial projects.

Visit the project’s page Un-hidden Romania to find out more about past, current and future activities.

Un-hidden Street Art in Romania

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