CJW continues developing his sound and presents “Beneath EP”

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In these challenging times, label head CJW continues developing his sound and growing as an artist. Beneath EP is his latest release on Wirelab Records that crosses boundaries between deep house and dub techno creating a profound sonic journey.

The title track, ocean blues, is drenched in emotive pads, stabs the perfect track for warming up a room or watching the sun go down. With a solid low-end foundation, it has a deep groove couple with inviting swirly stabs, pleasant arps and punchy FX.

The B side track, Murk, goes for a deeper, darker tone with a tip of the cap firmly to dub techno. Driven by a huge kick and thick sub groove, it takes things up a notch, engaging stabs and sequences take the listener on a journey beneath.


Wirelab Records· CJW – Beneath EP

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