20 recent releases on wax, produced by local and international artists

LIST 20 recent releases on wax, produced by local and international artists

Here you can find a solid list with 20 recent releases on wax, produced by local and international artists.

As you probably know already, every week, for the past few years we publish two articles about the most intriguing EP/LP releases from the underground electronic scene, one exclusive premiere and one podcast in the feeder sound column.

Scroll down the article and discover a collection of 20 vinyl releases, carefully selected from labels like Fake Society, Re.Face Limited, Peculiar Plants, RhanamhSubtilWindmühle, Bosom LTD, No Rush, Bread And Butter Recordings, Octophonic, Curtea Veche, BPLR Records, DRG Limited, UNS Records, Soblazn Music, Ouvert, DinghyNavidu MusicNoodles.

We hope you will find at least one of these productions by Camelia, Los Bastoneros, Unknown Artist, userUNKNWN, SoyroTraumerNu Zau, Spiri:tual, Arapu, Simone Adinolfi, Rowlanz, Direkt, Sublee, Vern, TIJN, Dudley Strangeways, Mihai Pol, Vlf, SeppRed Pig FlowerDragutesku, Unisson, Tulbure, Andu Simion, Yaroslav Lenzyak, Cumuli & Bvrton, AronYaroslav Lenzyak inspiring and proper for your vinyl collection.

Camelia - High Beams EP [Fake Society] 01

1. Camelia – High Beams EP [Fake Society]

Los Bastoneros - Celestial Airwaves EP [Re.Face Limited] 01

2. Los Bastoneros – Celestial Airwaves EP [Re.Face Limited]

Unknown - PP002 [Peculiar Plants]

3. Unknown – PP002 [Peculiar Plants]

userUNKNWN, Soyro - Universe Inside EP [Rhanamh]

4. userUNKNWN, Soyro – Universe Inside EP [Rhanamh]

Traumer- Temple [Subtil] 01

5. Traumer – Temple [Subtil]

Nu Zau - Dark Mirrors [Windmuhle] 01

6. Nu Zau – Dark Mirrors [Windmühle]

Spiritual - Zero Zero Trei [Bosom LTD] 01

7. Spiri:tual – Zero Zero Trei [Bosom LTD]

Arapu, Simone Adinolfi - Endless Lapse [No Rush] 01

8. Arapu, Simone Adinolfi – Endless Lapse [No Rush]

Various Artists - Edition 2 [Bread And Butter Recordings] 01

9. VA (Rowlanz, Direkt, Sublee & Vern) – Edition 2 [Bread And Butter Recordings]

Vern - Clarobscur [Octophonic] 01

10. Vern – Clarobscur [Octophonic]

TIJN, Dudley Strangeways - CVS003 [Curtea Veche] 01

11. TIJN, Dudley Strangeways – CVS003 [Curtea Veche]

Various Artists - double EP 01

12. VA (Nu Zau, Mihai Pol, Vlf & Sepp) – double EP 2×12” [BPLR Records] https://www.feeder.ro/2020/08/11/double-ep/

Red Pig Flower - Meduza Madness [work in progress] 01

13. Red Pig Flower – Monkey Magic [Work In Progress]

Dragutesku - Dualism LP

14. Dragutesku – Zen [DRG Limited]

Unisson - Nazare EP [UNS Records] 01

15. Unisson – Nazare EP [UNS Records]

Various Artists - SBV002 [Soblazn Music]

16. VA (Tulbure, Andu Simion, Yaroslav Lenzyak, Cumuli & Bvrton) – SBV002 [Soblazn Music] https://www.feeder.ro/2020/07/28/various-artists-sbv002/

Unknown - OUVERT005 [Ouvert]

17. Unknown – OUVERT005 [Ouvert]

Aron - DINGHY001 [Dinghy] 1

18. Aron – DINGHY001 [Dinghy]

Yaroslav Lenzyak - Weekends Friends EP [Navidu Music]

19. Yaroslav Lenzyak – Weekends Friends EP [Navidu Music]

20. Unknown – Noodles001 [Noodles]

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Words by Cristina Popa (random) & Andrei Racovițan (ubic)

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  1. Sal`tare! In primul rand felicitari pentru selectie, foarte bune recomandari, coincide in mare parte cu lista mea de cumparaturi. Din pacate am fost cam paralel cu realitatea si pana s-a intocmit acest articol care inglobeaza pe celalalte dedicate fiecarui release, probabil ati observat si voi ca majoritatea sunt sold out deja. Intrebare: am posibilitatea de a achiztiona direct la voi? Ma gandesc ca le pastrati in colectia voastra, dar hey, nu ma costa nimic sa intreb.
    Multumesc anticipat si numa` bine din vestu` tarii.

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