Czech Republic musician Keoni releases his first album ‘Discovery’

keoni - discovery

Keoni is a musician from the Czech Republic. He was exposed to music from an early age since his father and brothers play instruments. Despite being recommended to choose a traditional career, Keoni knew that his life would always revolve around music.

Keoni‘s influences are as varied as musical genres can be, counting Jim Morisson, John Lennon, Prodigy, Otis Redding, Faithless, Nirvana, Chemical Brothers or Royksopp among others. The latter having a special influence due to their way of composing songs.

Swinging beats, overlapping melodies and harmonies are what creates a unique atmosphere and feeling that listeners expect to experience while listening to Keoni’s music. His haunting vocals with dark-wave production tones draw the listener into an alternative electro-pop universe.

Keoni considers poetry to be of real importance, allowing people to see the world from different perspectives. He always concentrates his compositional efforts on enriching the imagination, immersing listeners in the waters of sounds and words. With his lyrics mostly based on his personal experience, however recently he is mainly inspired by global issues and current events.

Keoni released his first album ‘’Discovery’’ on October 12th. It is now available on all streaming platforms.

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