Chambord’s Kindisch debut creates a ‘Wonderland’

Chambord’s Kindisch debut creates a ‘Wonderland’

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The French live duo has been bubbling up for a while, so no surprise that their recent live stream has had 102K views to date and rising. Fundraising for Bye Bye Plastic, performed at a mysterious UNESCO site in France, the stream delivered spectacularly compelling material and a sincere yet effortlessly cool vibe. 

Tim and Pierre met in high school in the French countryside, and fast became friends when they discovered their shared love for music. Their first ‘gig’ was at their end-of-school gala, and they have been playing together ever since at festivals and gigs worldwide. Labels include Flying Circus, Sol Selectas and ABRACADABRA

This release package is a special one, as Kindisch gave their new signing carte blanche to choose their ideal remixers to complement their original and yet make it their own. Enter Maga and Carlita…

Title track ‘Wonderland’ is a compulsively catchy combo of skiffle-style percussion and a relentless plucked guitar riff. Chambord’s own vocal contribution adds a robotic hook. 

Maga brings bongo drums to the fore, a humming bass riff sprinkled with tinkling icicles and a chopped-off vocal. He creates an ominous build, with some surprising strings. Carlita delivers a strong mix of deep, deep bass and percussion backed by melodic synth riffs, enriching the hypnotic quality of the vocal, and upping the tempo in the second half.

This ‘Wonderland’ three-tracker is Out Now on Kindisch. Get it here: 

Track List: 

  1. Wonderland (Original Mix)
  2. Wonderland (Maga Remix)
  3. Wonderland (Carlita Remix)

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