Alessio Viggiano steps up on discotech (Nick Beringer Remix)

Alessio Viggiano - DTW002 discotech

Discotech WAX’s second release DTW002 by Italian legend producer, Alessio Viggiano explores deep house funk with a spacey twist. Titled Standing on Saturn’s Rings, this EP is completed with a remix from Nick Beringer and already has the backing of critically acclaimed artists. Discotechs experience at throwing great parties across the UK and Ibiza left us not surprised at the release of another successful EP.

The EP opens with Kalisvar giving us a groovy beat and a floating voice throughout encouraging all things dancing. You really can’t help but tap along to this one. Marshmallow then leads into a static house beat and keeps the rhythm going with the ethereal vocals drifting in and out creating a cohesive transition from the first track. Birds chime in the mere distance bringing us back to early morning sunrises of a festival.

Flipping to the B side, Standing on Saturn’s Rings gives us spaced out vibes with the whizzing synths and a hint of ethereal melody dripping throughout the track. Wrapping up the 4 track EP is the remix from Nick Beringer. Complementing the other tracks nicely, this remix rounds out the EP with a touch of Beringer’s own style.

Releasing on vinyl October 6th, this young label continues to go from strength to strength, leaving us excited to what they are going to throw at us next.

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Artist: Alessio Viggiano
Title: Standing on Saturn’s Rings EP
Label: Blue
Cat. number: BLUE003
Release date: 6.10.2020
Format: Vinyl-only

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