feeder sound exclusive premiere: Bexu – Calatoria [Arupa Music Limited]

Bexu - Calatoria Crihan Remix article

feeder sound exclusive premiere: Bexu – Calatoria [Arupa Music Limited]

London-based imprint Arupa Music returns with its second vinyl instalment in the form of “Calatoria EP” signed by local artist Bexu alongside Crihan on remix duties. Arriving in a limited number of copies, the material adds up to a really nice collection of releases brought forward by the label throughout the passing years, most in digital format. Among the many names in the catalogue, we also find Ertmi, Loxique, Primarie, Dragutesku, Olivian Nour, Vinyl Speed Adjust, Sacke, Rowlanz, Miroloja, Macarie, Nektar Agu, Dubphone and Cosmjn. Arupa Music also organises showcase events from time to time while it hosts a steaming podcast series on soundcloud.

Cristi Jurcan aka Bexu is a Romanian DJ and producer hailing from Cluj-Napoca and best known for his multiple independent releases on Bandcamp as well as for his collaborations with 123BPM Records, Welter Records, Museme and Stay Random Natasha. For this EP he invites Crihan to work his magic on the title track and complete a very interesting record designed with solid minimal tech nuances. Listen to “Calatoria” in full-length below, exclusively on feeder sound:

Opening the 12”, “Calatoria” reveals a stripped-down, warm journey flavoured with uplifting pads, a chugging bassline and sharp driving drumming. The hypnotic vocal cuts eagerly anticipating an answer rightly deserve a provoking sequel which follows as “Doru Lenii”. Here, the rhythm becomes more abstract, the background gets filled with various microlayers and the instructive vocal goes into a tale of the Sun and Moon, day into night and back into day again.

On the B-Side Crihan‘s groover surely delivers a heavy-dose of swinging minimal, taking the mysterious aspects of the original even further into eerie dimensions. The spacious breakdowns, off-kilter percussion, prominent bassline and bright vocal cuts create an organic narrative perfect for dimly-lighted dancefloors.

Pre-order your copy of Calatoria EP from deejay.de.

Artist: Bexu
Title: A1. Calatoria
Label: Arupa Music Limited
Cat. No.: AMVL002
Release Date: 30.10.2020
Format: Vinyl-only

Words by: AndreiB

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