LUKA’s 4-track release, Burn in Hell J, is a frenzied infusion of Metal meets Dubstep

LUKA - Burn in Hell J

South African born LUKA is set to release 4 new tracks on EP Burn in Hell J, a crazed burst of Electro, Dubstep, and Metal.

Smashing the heavy bass growls of Dubstep with the palm-muted riffs of metal guitar, LUKA’s Burn in Hell EP aims to cross genres, infusing new sounds on both ends of the spectrum.

Drawing on influences from Electronic artists such as Noisia, Skrillex, Kill The Noise, and Excision, along with Heavy Metal acts like Tool, Meshuggah, and Nine Inch Nails, the result is a dark, intense journey into some of the grungiest electronic music you’re likely to find anywhere.

The track Star Skream is a pounding four-on-the-floor hybrid of searing guitar solos and EDM supersaws that knocks you off-guard with its unusual mix of elements that drive the beat forward with catchy arpeggios and infectious, trance-like rhythms. A sure-fire crowd-pleaser.

Glit$ is an atmospheric descent into glitch-hell – with heavy metallic rhythms, and overwhelming staccato-like edits, the result is an assault of melodic glitch-noise distortions that pulls no punches. This one was designed to hurt, in the best way possible.

The title track Burn in Hell J, draws inspiration from the heavy metal sub-genre Djent, where chugging palm-muted guitars and catchy riffs drive the song onward. This track does the same, with a filthy bass-riff that’s heavier than gravity itself.

Mr. Happy is closer to old-school Dubstep, paying homage to early Skrillex, while fusing melodic guitar riffs and solos amongst the knotted contortions of the metallic bass growls Dubstep fans know and love.

Burn in Hell J will be available on all streaming platforms on September 4th.

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