feeder sound exclusive premiere: Miller – A Moment In Time [Real Gang]

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feeder sound exclusive premiere: Miller – A Moment In Time [Real Gang]

British DJ and producer Danny Miller, or simply Miller, announces the release of a new vinyl-only material titled “A Moment In Time” to arrive at the end of September. The wax features three original cuts and gets published through Real Gang record label, a venture created alongside Nicolau a couple of years back. Showcasing his diverse musical ability, the 12” was conceived in his own home studio during the quarantine earlier this year.

The record comes with a selection of low swung bassline grooves, deep modulating textures, light floaty pads and pacey tight hats blending effortlessly for a serious outcome. Each track explores different tempos and emotional directions, going from spiralling rhythms to immersive arrangements, making the EP a highly introspective piece of electronic dance music.

💥 Let your mind travel with the full-length title track exclusively on feeder sound:

“For me, every artistic creation is like a timestamp, a moment, a part of time that you capture when you press the record button and jam out in the studio. Making that jam into a final product I always wanted to present my thought process behind the artistry of creation, so with this release everything was “a moment in time”, the tracks were moments in my studio during lockdown, the artwork was “a moment in time” made by myself to wrap up this work as a final product to the world. Over years my records still remain in my shelves, each of them “a moment in time” from artists that I find so facsinating that stay over years… so here is mine…” – Miller

“A Moment In Time” feels just like its title implies. The steady-paced drumming patterns and the eerie pads create a spacious atmosphere that can take anyone adrift in seconds while the subtle knocks and light synth cuts add an elegant swing to the whole journey. The other two tracks, “Timewarp” and “Okuzak” on the other hand deliver a more solid minimal sound aimed mainly at the dancefloor, incorporating quirky percussive layers, glitched sounds and a more driving rhythmic direction.

Pre-order your copy of A Moment In Time EP at deejay.de


Artist: Miller
Title: B2. A Moment In Time
Label: Real Gang
Cat. No.: RGRX002
Release Date: 30.09.2020
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by: AndreiB


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