Unknown – PP002 [Peculiar Plants]

Unknown - PP002 [Peculiar Plants]

Unknown – PP002 [Peculiar Plants]

After stepping into the minimal scene with its first release earlier this year, the mysterious French record label Peculiar Plants returns with a second pressing, a solid two-tracker that doesn’t reveal who’s behind the production, keeping the focus on the music itself. With support coming from the likes of Janeret, Sepp, Arapu, Cosmjn, Mihai Pol, Vlad Arapasu, Bryz and Direkt among others, it’s easy to say that the future looks bright for this endeavour, as the music surely delivers the vibes. The wax arrives in a limited number of copies, with no repress.

Embracing a shamanic vision of electronic dance music, the imprint brings forward hypnotic minimal grooves that are ready to take on dancefloors worldwide. The organic nature of the arrangements is deeply connected with the label’s name, hinting at distinct musical journeys that are ready to make their way into any record collection or selection.

Side A reveals complex variations embedded into a steady-paced rhythm that spins around intricate percussive patterns and twisted background textures while Side B goes funky minimal, unleashing a stomping tool that sweeps through the frequencies with style. Here, the effects stand out as the breakdowns switch to different takes on the core elements, set around a proper uplifting tempo.

Grab your copy of PP002 at deejay.de.


Artist: Unknown
Title: PP002
Label: Peculiar Plants
Cat. number: PP002
Release date: 07.09.2020
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by AndreiB

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