Xandru – When The Moon Is Low EP

Xandru - When The Moon Is Low EP

Xandru – When The Moon Is Low EP

If you ever wonder what happens when the moon is low, Xandru invites you to discover his musical interpretation around this subject. The new EP was recently released independently on Bandcamp. All three tracks are written and produced by Sornea Alexandru aka Xandru in his studio in Bucharest.

Get your copy of When The Moon Is Low EP at Bandcamp.


Xandru is well-known for his activity in both local and international scenes for quite some time now. He started to mix at underground hip-hop events in the 2000s’ while he slowly discovered electronic music to become his true passion. His potential to quickly develop, combined with a lot of hard work, made him become a new member of the Sunrise family in 2010 and undoubtedly one to watch. With his innate sense of rhythm, the symbiosis of his mixes and his love for the sounds, we are sure he will take you on one of your best trips.

Throughout time, Xandru collaborated with labels like Welt Recordings, CrazyJack Records, LDN, Susur Records, MUM Recordings, Secret Society Chile, Isla Records and Bad Barbie Records, bringing forward a delightful blend of minimal, tech-house and techno. As a selector, he shared the decks with artists like OdD, Sepp, Kevin Cook, Nu Zau, Tulbure, Piticu and many many others, while travelling all across Europe. His latest adventures include performances at SW26, Waha Festival and numerous other gigs in Europe, Asia and South America.

A few years ago we had the rare occasion to publish the first part of the feeder insider interview with Xandru.

Here you can listen to the feeder sound episode 38 mixed by Xandru.


Artist: Xandru
Title: When The Moon Is Low EP
Label: independent
Release date: 19.08.2020
Format: digital
Artwork: Daniel Gaciu


Words by Cristina Popa (random) & Andrei Racovițan (ubic)

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