Spiri:tual – Zero Zero Trei [Bosom LTD]

Spiritual - Zero Zero Trei [Bosom LTD] 01

Spiri:tual – Zero Zero Trei [Bosom LTD]

Portuguese record label Bosom LTD returns with its third pressing, a steaming four-tracker that features two original cuts signed by the local act Spiri:tual and two driving remixes, one by Vincent Casanova and one by Primarie. Titled “Zero Zero Trei”, the wax arrives early in September in a limited number of copies and there will be no repress. With the previous materials delivered by Raru and Kirik as well as with an upcoming EP announcing fresh tracks from Enivrèz Vous & Otr with remixes by Prajescu and Zenk, the freshly founded imprint is definitely one to watch closely in the future.

The mysterious project Spiri:tual suddenly appeared in the international electronic music scene a couple of years ago and slowly gained momentum being supported by many important producers and DJs. Deeply rooted in the Romanian minimal culture, their sound explores the limits of modern rhythms, going even further in uncharted territories.

Last year we exclusively published “Arago” taken from the eponymous EP released on Enfasi Records.

Among the labels that so far published their music in both digital and vinyl format, we find Stay Random Natasha, LDN Records, Unfelde Records, Na Zrak and Tzinah. There’s also “Numere EP” available on their Bandcamp page. Let’s dive in their latest release and explore the tracks in more depth.

Side A opens with “Energizare”, a dynamic rhythm infused with numerous reverberating layers and a subtle introspective feeling embedded into it. As the record spins, the background textures have a motion of their own, evolving and undergoing several variations while the percussion has only a few tension-building moments, making it perfect for peak-time play. Following, Vincent Casanova‘s remix adds a more melodic twist to the original, incorporating elegant vocal cuts, uplifting chords and warm effects.

Side B kicks in with “Fructe Finlandeze”, a solid minimalistic piece that exhibits a playful sound infused with uptempo drumming patterns, pulsating basslines and dubby aspects. The breakdowns here are more spacious and reveal subtle progressive influences. Closing, Primarie‘s re-interpretation re-arranges the core elements into a more thumping structure lead by a thundering bassline that sweeps through the frequencies with style.

Spiritual - Zero Zero Trei [Bosom LTD] 02

Grab your copy of Zero Zero Trei at deejay.de.


Artist: Spiri:tual
Title: Zero Zero Trei
Label: Bosom LTD
Cat. number: BOSLTD003
Release date: 04.09.2020
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by AndreiB


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