Alex Halka – Mecha EP (w/ Vlaicu Golcea)

Alex Halka (w/ Vlaicu Golcea) - Mecha EP

Alex Halka – Mecha EP (w/ Vlaicu Golcea)

Multidisciplinary Romanian artist Alex Halka releases a new EP, titled Mecha. The digital release contains 5 tracks, starting with the eponymous Mecha メカ, created in collaboration with highly skilled and revered Vlaicu Golcea. We have had the pleasure to exclusively premiere the second track, Rasarit, on the feeder sound column.

Enjoy your time listening and support the artists.

Growly analogue basses, inky detuned leads, and hard techno beats.

1. Alex Halka & Vlaicu Golcea – Mecha メカ 06:46
2. Rasarit 07:53 (Rasarit premiered exclusively on feeder sound, here)
3. Leonard 08:34
4. Cucu 03:44
5. 219176 [outro] 15:35


released August 18, 2020


all rights reserved

Download your copy on Bandcamp

Artists: Alex Halka, Vlaicu Golcea
Title: Mecha
Release date: 18.08.2020
Format: digital

See the audio-generated art printed on tank tops and t-shirts, created by Alex Halka, available in the


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