AJ Mora ‘Renewal’ Album – Deeplife Records 

AJ Mora 'Renewal' Album - Deeplife Records 

AJ Mora – ‘Renewal’ Album [Deeplife Records]

Los Angeles talent AJ Mora gets set to unleash his third artist album, ‘Renewal’, on American imprint Deeplife Records. ‘Renewal’ sees AJ showcase his ability to creatively fuse all the colours of the House Music spectrum, offering a first-rate selection of deep, techy and jackin grooves, ripe for both the underground and overground. From the emotive melodies of the album title track ‘Renewal’, through to smoking deep vibes of ‘Everything Is Gonna Be Alright’ and the infectious upbeat energy of ‘Bassline Kicking’, AJ comes baring audible gifts for all discerning house heads. The full album release package also features a superb continuous mix of the album courtesy of House music legend Eddie Amador.

“I had planned to create an album in 2020, but I had no idea it was going to be under such incredible challenging realities. However, during lockdown in Los Angeles, I was able focus and make some of my best productions to date.

I had the ‘Renewal’ title in my mind since late 2019; maybe with some sense of irony and divine inspiration the title is now so fitting. House music has been a big part of my life for a long time and ‘Renewal’ represents my desire to share a life mission of spreading love and hope through the passionate medium of this subculture.” – AJ Mora

Available for pre-order at Beatport, Apple Music, Spotify and other fine music retailers and stream services! See links here.

Artist: AJ Mora
Title: Renewal Album
Label: Deeplife Records
Release date: 14.08.2020

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