Getting to know… Claudio Huston

Claudio Huston interview

Getting to know… Claudio Huston

The Italian Dj producer, Claudio de Tullio aka Claudio Huston, is passionate about music since he was a child. Peaceful but full of energy, unconventional and curious, Claudio has been the
resident Dj at Borgo Egnazia, elected more than once, the best hotel in the world and chosen by the most famous celebrities on the planet. Electric musician and passionate about house music,
Claudio has the legendary Frankie Knuckles as a role model. Like Knuckles, Claudio talks to people through a very selected and precise music repertoire. ‘Hey Dj put a record on’ we may
say while we see him dancing behind his console.

When did you start DJing and what were your early inspirations and influences?
Claudio Huston: I started mixing music when I was a child in my room with a tape of my father’s music. I was inspired by my father whose favourite hobby was music.

What did you find in music that drew you to it, professionally?
Claudio Huston: Music is the heart and soul of my life, it has always been my anchor and salvation during challenging situations.

For most artists, before the originality is a learning process. How would you describe your development as an artist and the transition towards your own style?
Claudio Huston: My development as an artist came very easy to me. I was following my instinct for making good music for the right audience.

What made you interested in starting producing your own music?
Claudio Huston: I was interested in producing my own music because I want my music to reach a lot of people.

Can you tell me about your recent collaboration with Major Underground label?
Claudio Huston: My recent collaboration with the Major Underground label is to have a wonderful experience which will expose my music to a greater audience.

Which of your productions or remixes are you most proud of?
Claudio Huston: I‘m proudest of my most recent production with the “Terra Rossa group”. It is an experimental production company where we mix traditional Apulian music with electronic music.

What is one track that never gets out of your Dj bag?
Claudio Huston: The track that never gets out of my bag is “Your Love” by Frankie Knuckles.

When the Coronavirus shut us down, clubs and festivals stopped, and everyone was forced to stay home, with no sign of an end, what is it like where you’re living? How did you spend the lockdown?
Claudio Huston: During the lockdown, I was first in Rome and then went to my town, Bari. It was a great opportunity to spend more time researching music and staying with my family.

Any advice on staying relatively positive through this situation?
Claudio Huston: Even though the coronavirus is really bad for artists I think it has given us an opportunity to be more innovative with our careers.

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