Wanlov the Kubolor – PPP ft M3NSA & Mind You [video]

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Wanlov the Kubolor - PPP ft M3NSA & Mind You [video]

Last updated on September 11th, 2020 at 07:28 pm

Wanlov the Kubolor – PPP ft M3NSA & Mind You


The Ghanan-Romanian amazingly-skilful artist Wanlov the Kubolor released a music video for the fourth track, PPP ft M3NSA & Mind You, on the Red Card – The Minstrel Cycle album, released September 8, 2019, which you can buy on the artist’s bandcamp.

Red Card - The Minstrel Cycle

Album tracklist:
1. The Minstrel Cycle 03:09
2. Dis Be Ghana 03:20
3. Could U ft Sena Dagadu & M3NSA 03:35
4. P.P.P ft M3NSA & Mind You 02:17
5. Lamoa 02:49
6. Jesus Totobi Kwakye 03:03
7. Child Care ft Sister Deborah & Lykay 02:23
8. Lies 02:18
9. As For Me 03:32
10. I Pass Inside 03:39
11. Fokn Country ft Kyekyeku & Francis Norman 03:56
12. Piss n Laff 05:02
13. Never Go Change 03:12
14. Julor Kwakwe 03:22
15. Still Kwakwe 02:52
16. Sole Rebel 03:47
17. Very Soon ft Funsho Ogundipe 03:23
18. Alas 02:06
19. The Once ft Sena Dagadu 03:37

All tracks on the album are produced by Wanlov the Kubolor (Except where mentioned otherwise)
Mixed & Mastered by Andras Weil
Artwork by Bright Ackwerh
Executive Producer: Wanlov the Kubolor


See other videos by Wanlov on his youtube channel and follow on Instagram.


About the Wanlov the Kubolor – PPP ft M3NSA & Mind You track

M3NSA & Mind You

Corona is here🦠😷 Politicians are using the relief loans to feed only themselves & party members.

Police are slapping hungry citizens & not washing their hands before or after.

Pastors are waiting for covid19 to go so they can perform their miracles again.

This is a curse to all the evil ones. ✨


Mo papa twɛ mo mami coti
Fokn politicians hwɛ mo kɔn ekyi sokyi sokyi
We go kidnap yor pikins den raise dem for the ghetto
Stone yor land cruiser windscreen plus catapult like okpo
We shun dey giv a foko go make u vomit wana moni
Sake of u common malaria kill sombodi momi
Mɔmɔni like u u useless piece of stinkin shit
Wen I c yor face I go cover am plus ma spit

Small girls n boys u dey chop dat be AIDS
The harder wana parents dey work, lower the pay
I dey pray…
…No fuck dat
I dey charm say yor skin go decay like the potholes wey e
Kill Ebony for the motorway
Nye hiɛ tɔmɔ kplotoo fey
Ni akɛ alɔnte fey e futumi
Danduruwa u dey lie seff u no fit to look to me
Yor eye go turn mek u jealous alookumi

Now the police

Adjei koti as for u guys I do u sika duro
U touch any money u no work for yor shua go grow
No go fit stand barrier again e go sua like awaatrɛ
Arm robbers come pass night time na mo srɛ srɛ
Sikadicious junkies
Mo ho ɛntɔ mo da
Daa mo bɛ nya asɛm wɔ fie sika no ɛnso quarter
Sɛ mu di bribe sika si ɛdan ah ɛdan no bɛ bubu
An bubu so ah obiaa kɔ tina mu ah o bɛ wu
Mi di Yaa Asantɛwaa ɛni Agɔkɔli bɔ mpayɛ
Wɔ wɔ kɔmi shika ni nyɛ kɛ a yay papaye
Avu koklo yevu mind u dey take com cheat yor kind
We catch u ah we go take blade den do yor face design

U say u be greedy
We go feed plus yor own intestines

E leff the new mallams dem dey call dema body priests
Odeepu wey e go do u all yor moff pure yeast
Idiotic demonic church noises attacking my sleep
Mi bɔ mu dua…Mu bɛ ni ni bibles one week
U dey prey on the weak the whole goddam week
Fit bet money say e go ask for moni wen e speak
Kwasia charlatans kookoo fall on u for life
Yor trumu go do e moff like Donald Trump n e wife
Every malafaka sickness e catch u never go leff
Mek the disturbing u disturb we all make yor family deaf

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