Leisure Music Production presents a new VA titled “Black Circle Vol.1”

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Leisure Music Production presents a new VA titled "Black Circle Vol.1"

Leisure Music Production presents a new VA titled “Black Circle Vol.1”

The heat is on!
We are excited to announce the release of Black Circle Vol.1 our first multi artist EP featuring massive talents from around the world. As diverse the background of our artists, is this album that offers an Afro Melodic House and Techno journey, spinning through different vibes and atmospheres that transpire on a global and universal level, and that understands to join them all.

Music is the universal language that connects all living beings. An accelerator to enforce human connections and interactions. In its pure form resulting in movement and dance. So with joy and honour, we present you 5 epic and diverse Afro House tracks, that are put together for the above mentioned motions and motivations, to bring people together, to celebrate life and dance and to enjoy these songs in their beauty.

TOM WATT – Sloala: Is an upbeat track with a strong driving kick, a wonderful groove and lovely marimba melodies, progressive deep and high synth lines, amazing African vocals and great percussion. This song is a modern approach incorporating beautiful ethnic elements and first and foremost a real groover for the dancefloor.

DARKSIDEVINYL – TOBA: An epic fusion of very powerful synth lines and a dominant punchy kick set the stage for this modern melodic techno-based Afro House marvel. Poignant HH’s interchange with a percussion line that is more than on point. Dramatic build up flanked by synth progressions and synth sequences result in a modern oriental sounding xylophone melody that is mirrored by its twin synth melody. A track for your peak time Afro House or afro inspired Melodic Techno set. Amazing!

BALATA & NOZAO – CARBET: With deep and progressive synth lines and pads as well as a deep kick and bassline the track opens a beautiful progressive journey into an afro futuristic world never heard and seen before. Sound exploration on another level where metal sounding timbales transport you directly into the orbit, but you will arrive comfortably with some dub layered synth lines and stabs. Great groove through percussion and fast-paced sharp HH’s, as well as Sound FX, make this track a real Afro House ‘space groover’ with the potential to get lost forever… Enjoy this journey!

A.R.U.N. & MARCO BERTO – EJEAA: This song kicks off with a deep kick and a real groovy bassline, flagged by percussive elements slowly panning in, it’s synth melody. Tribal fun combined with an enjoyable and upbeat house groove set the centre stage for this track. The dominant synth bass line is implemented as the main theme of the track. African vocals and classic house FX give this one a nice drive to be played in your ‘good vibrations’ Afro House set or also in your Tribal House set.

TOMY WAHL – KARAC: Starting off with a technoish minimalistic approach using intricate FX combined with a powerful kick this song flies with the implementation of a super deep saw synth line progression that drive the track forward. Afrobeat combined with fast hitting HH’s and a marimba melody as well as African vocal FX and an amazing jazzy break make this one, a unique jam in todays Afro House.


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