Stereotheism Label Manager Mateo Paz set to release a new deep house single ‘Hold On’ featuring Lucia Haze

Stereotheism Label Manager Mateo Paz set to release a new deep house single 'Hold On' featuring Lucia Haze

Mateo Paz – Hold On ft Lucia Haze [Stereotheism]

Paz and Haze first teamed up on ‘Feel Your Heart’ a track that peaked at #18 on the Beatport Deep House Chart. Like on ‘Feel Your Heart’, Lucia Haze plays a key role on new track ‘Hold On’ with vocals that traverse through dark and deep to bright and poppy. Lucia Haze is a Mexican artist that emerged into the electronic music scene in 2010 and was awarded as Best Deep House DJ in 2016 by DJ World Awards.

Paz says that the single is about the ups and downs of being in love and not letting go of love so easily. Haze even explained that

‘’I have a lot of love stories to tell through my music.’’

When it comes to production, Mateo Paz stuck to what he knows best (Omnisphere, Serum, and Massive) making sure to focus on keeping it fresh.

‘’I have my own presets that I did for bass, leads and so on. In the world we are living in today, with a large number of releases daily, you need to focus more on being different’’.

The releases come with a darker club mix that has a more progressive house style. Both versions are dancefloor-ready and come just in time for clubs and parties to reopen for the summer.

Haze’s home country, Mexico, was the inspiration and location for the filming of the official music video for Hold On.

Listen to the release here:

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