Watch feeder sound LIVE with TELURIC & MARIA BĂLAN [video]

feeder sound LIVE with Teluric (dj set) & Maria Bălan (live painting)

feeder sound LIVE STREAMS with TELURIC (dj set) & MARIA BĂLAN (live painting)

On April 23rd feeder sound opened the live streams sessions, containing 7 new episodes. For the first episode, we invited two artists from different fields, TELURIC & MARIA BĂLAN, to work together. Actually, the entire process is quite extensive and the artists start working a few days in advance to deliver a concentrated and relevant two-hour performance. It was the first time we had to record the videos in two distinct locations. MARIA BĂLAN painted the 2 x 1.5 m canvas in her apartment located in Bucharest, unveiling her elaborated techniques and secrets. While TELURIC recorded this intriguing and timeless set in his studio in Târgu Jiu.

In TELURIC‘s set, you can hear his own productions and unreleased materials mixed with tracks from friends and other producers from around the world.

“This set is inspired by my recent digging sessions – an excursion through some of my favourite artists’ work, old and new, sprinkled with a couple of my unreleased jams. – Teluric

VJ VLC added some effects across the video to enhance the visual experience.


feeder sound LIVE STREAMS with TELURIC (dj set) & MARIA BĂLAN (live painting)

Extremely detailed and colourful, the painting made by Maria Bălan depicts three characters who wear helmets to protect themselves from the city pollution and look in all directions for an alternative.

“I was invited by to paint a big canvas (2×1.5 m) for one of their feeder sound live streams. Accompanied by Teluric‘s music I decided to illustrate this escape plan from the city pollution.” – Maria Bălan



Maria Bălan is a Bucharest-based multilaterally developed graphic artist who studied Graphic Arts at the National University of Arts Bucharest and a non-practising architect. Maria enjoys painting walls, creating book illustrations as well as digital artwork (concept art, 2D animation, poster design) with the main focus on portraits and human expressions. Her work has been recognised with The Prize of The International Poster and Book Illustration Biennial For Young Artists, Timisoara, 2013. In 2018, she presented her first solo exhibition, “Neștiuții“, and she revealed her amazing teaching skills during the Un-hidden Bucharest workshops at Spațiul M60, Diploma and Acuarela. In 2019, she displayed her recent works in the Rampa One @ Plant Village collective exhibition alongside John Dot S and Rober Obert and in the Un-hidden Bucharest participation in the Romanian Design Week 2019, the White Night of the Art Galleries at Acuarela and the Un-hidden Romanian culture exhibition at Acuarela. In the you can find a selection of original artworks and stickers made by Maria Bălan.

Read the Un-hidden Bucharest interview with Maria Bălan, a conversation about mental freedom, the possibilities of collaboration within the community, Romanian street art and ideas about life.



Teluric is a well-known DJ and producer with an intense activity in the local and international electronic music scene. He left Bucharest a while back, relocating to a smaller town somewhere in Romania, a place where he could be more relaxed and dedicate himself to digging and making music. This proved to be an excellent choice as his selections and releases deliver an immersive experience and an engaging vibration.

In 2016 Teluric released “Language Through Waves EP” on Polen record label, followed by “Magnetic Forest EP” on Cakeman Records in the same year. He also worked with Rackmizar, Joule Imprint and Caph while he signed some amazing remixes for Berg Audio, Ada Kaleh Romania, Floorpiece and Rare Gems, to name a few. Under the Glueped alias alongside Melodie, he dispatched three EPs. With Bleu Ciel imprint in 2015, Vade Mecum in 2017 and soon they will release “Peren EP” at Cinetic Art. Last year, his first full-length material “Signals From The Moon” was published by the Belgian crew Eating Records, and he had an interesting contribution on Honne Music‘s VA. We were happy to present episode 214 of feeder sound mixed by Teluric. Together with Yoyaku label Teluric just released the second EP from his series and a split EP with Romar is set to be out at the end of the month at Crossed Grooves. Teluric’s adventures as DJ and selector include gigs in Romania, Germany, France and Switzerland.


Words by Cristina Popa (random) and Andrei Racovițan (ubic)


Here you can discover the feeder sound LIVE STREAMS line up & time table. We kindly invite you to join us for the upcoming episode with CR15TINA (dj set) & AEUL (live painting).


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