Derek Carr – Right Time, Right Place EP [Why So Series]

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Derek Carr - Right Time, Right Place EP [Why So Series] 1

Derek Carr – Right Time, Right Place EP [Why So Series]

After the release of “Liquid Industries” back in 2017 with Nu Zau‘s notorious imprint, veteran DJ and producer Derek Carr returns to Why So Series with “Right Time, Right Place EP”, revealing three fresh original tracks and a remix signed by Giuliano Lomonte, the head of Point Of View record label. The wax provides a dreamy and blissful sound as well as engaging rhythms perfect for any kind of dancefloor.

Founded in 2015, Why So Series brought forward amazing music signed by artists like Lumieux, Diferit, Giash, Julian Bomm, Alan Castro, Lizz, Sublee, Rojid and, of course, the label head himself. The legendary Derek Carr makes a double appearance in the catalogue now and without a doubt his music never ceases to amaze. He began making tracks in the late ’80s with a Casio sampler and a tape machine aiming for an electronic sound inspired by the likes of Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode but when Detroit techno came around he switched gears and started to explore the modern rhythms in an instant. Since then he put out numerous digital and vinyl releases, published by labels like Nice & Nasty Records, Psychonavigation, Digital Soul, Offshoot, Subwax Excursions, Pariter, For Those That Knoe, FireScope, Polen, Love Notes and his own Trident Recordings, which he founded in 2001.

Derek Carr - Right Time, Right Place EP [Why So Series] 2

Side A features the original take on “Tiger”, a laid-back minimalistic rhythm flavoured with bright background pads and vintage synth melodies and Giuliano Lomonte’s remix which adds a pumping drumming sequence and thus making the piece suitable for more intense moments on the dancefloor. Some of the original layers are kept yet they undergo a dubby modulation which creates an alluring reverberation.

Side B opens with “Technopolis”, a deep and steady-paced composition infused with warm strings and textures, spacious build-ups and a breakbeat-oriented percussive core. The quirky micropatterns provide a perfect balance to the groove as it spins into a colourful daydream. Closing we find “Remain” which switches the tempo, revealing an uplifting vibration that exhibits a subtle melancholic feeling that can be just what a more dynamic afterhours event needs. A must-have for collectors and selectors alike!

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Artist: Derek Carr
Title: Right Time, Right Place EP
Label: Why So Series
Cat. number: WSS009
Release date: 12.05.2020
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by AndreiB


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