Justice for Denis Kaznacheev!

Justice for Denis Kaznacheev!

Justice for Denis Kaznacheev!


After Denis Kaznacheev heard the musical protest organised in front of the Moabit prison in Berlin, to show support for his cause, he wrote a thank you letter, which you can read below.


On 29th of May 2020, Russian dj and producer Denis Kaznacheev, based in Berlin, was arrested by the German police on behalf of the US Justice Department, who is asking for his immediate extradition to the USA on claims of money laundering and dark web activities

We know Denis Kaznacheev for his music activities as DJ, producer and promoter. Read the extended feeder insider interview with Denis Kaznacheev and discover more about his musical career.

Chances are his identity was stolen and used for criminal activities. Therefore, he needs our help to benefit from a transparent trial based on evidence.

“Make noise! I am innocent here. Please get me out of here! Everybody, I need your help! Please help me!” – Denis Kaznacheev

Denis Kaznacheev is in Moabit prison in Berlin, Germany, “waiting for the act to arrive where more info about his legal process will be, and also if he can ask for bail.” It‘s been ten days since he is allowed to talk only with his lawyer. On Sunday 14 June, Denise Gluck, together with other members of the group who manages the campaign for Denis Kaznacheev, are organizing a gathering in front of the Moabit prison, “against extradition of innocent people” and “to free and ask justice for Denis.”

Many artists have already shown their support in the comments section of the petition and on social media.


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You can send letters or postcards to Denis at this address:
JVA Moabit
Denis Kaznacheev
Alt-Moabit 12 a, 10559 Berlin, Germany

Please note that you should write your letters in German or provide the translation.

Justice for Denis Kaznacheev!



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  3. He’s innocent! He doesn’t have any kind of business with the charges against him!
    Free Dennis!!!💙💜❤️🙏💚

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