Maneuver are going deep with “Abyss”

Maneuver are going deep with “Abyss”

Maneuver is a duo between Rick Silver & Gåddisøn with the same frame of mind to create music that is about the journey and not just the destination.
Their  style is somewhat minimal with a Deep and Dark edge combining trippy synth sounds, thumping kicks, driving bass lines and textured percussion.

Abyss is their latest release on Electrified Mindz. Abyss comes from the greek word Αβυσσος which means “bottom of the sea”. If you listen carefully to both tracks of this EP, Abyss and Flux You, you will jump in a deep journey of analog synths, distorted deep basslines and groovy beats. Could work well on those trippy, late night dj sets! Well done Maneuver.

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