Instant timeless 10 exclusive premieres

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Instant timeless 10 exclusive premieres

Two years ago we introduced something new on our platform, a very special feature through which producers could promote upcoming releases or unreleased works and build a closer relationship with their audience. The exclusive premieres column now counts 101 tracks delivered by artists and labels from all over the world, incorporating a diverse spectrum of modern electronic music. Here’s a list with the most played tracks that were featured last year!

From deep house to tech-house and from minimal to pumping techno rhythms, the feeder exclusives premieres that are listed below have all the ingredients needed to make any party go wild and to become instant timeless compositions. You definitely heard them being played in clubs or in podcasts and now you can enjoy them here as well while we also suggest digging for the records they appear on and add them to your collection.

💥 Time to get groovy!


10. Plusculaar – Medusa’s Head [WE or US] (2134 plays)

The cut reveals a groovy and hypnotic rhythm, designed with quirky percussive elements, glitched micropatterns and intricate layering. Tension is built throughout the whole composition, which doesn’t follow a particular sequence, yet it evolves into abstract textures and subtle gloomy background atmospheres.


9. Paradoxal – Sixieme Ange (Primarie Remix) [Tzinah Records] (2142 plays)

Going deeper than the original, Primarie works his magic on this one starting with taking the core layers and adding various melodic arrangements, evolving modulated vocal samples and additional percussive elements. In the end, we get a dreamy composition, packed with energy and very engaging rhythms.


8. Piktor – Up In The Air [Baumbaum Label] (2443 plays)

The track flows at a steady pace with hypnotic, eerie and very catchy textures ever-evolving in the background. The percussion is clear and the variations are building tension while the relaxed rhythm can take you on a blissful journey.


7. Lumieux – Dreamliner [Sintope Vinyl Series] (2477 plays)

You can tell this piece is designed for dancing from the very beginning, as the first elements that come into play are the engaging percussion and the solid bassline. The shuffling hi-hats add even more spice as the track flows, while whispered voices create an alluring atmosphere. Funky chords are sprinkled here and there, helping with building tension and maintaining it.


6. Dubphone – 108 (Rares Romanov Remix) [Vandalism Black Series] (2515 plays)

The cut keeps the raw sound of the original while adding dark and hypnotic rotative elements infused with swirling micropatterns, effects and glitches. The solid thumping bassline is backed by a steady percussion and tension is built slowly and with elegance.


5. Mihigh, Paul K – Light Of Unity [Melodrom] (2579 plays)

The cut reveals to be a deeply immersive and very hypnotic composition, with ever-evolving layers of effects and micropatterns embedded into it. The rhythm flows at a steady pace while tension is provided by multiple variations and arrangements. The hi-hats follow a really catchy sequence and the drumming reverberates into twisted pads, notes and glitches.


4. Dragutesku – Iubire [Otomoji] (3334 plays)

The track reveals a deep atmospheric sound with bright pads and eerie vocal cuts adding a warm dimension to the background while the melodic bassline provides a perfect balance to the percussive elements. Tension is carefully built through variations of the core layers, keeping it engaging and mysterious.


3. Daniel Broesecke – Fusion (Vlad Arapasu Remix) [Vivus Records] (3398 plays)

With the B-Side dedicated to it, this groovy shaker is a dancefloor-oriented piece that incorporates some of the original sounds, which get heavily transformed for a fitting minimalistic and techy approach. The wobbling bassline is complimented by electric sweeps and rotating reverberations, while whispered voices provide a mysterious feeling.


2. Lumieux – Excalibur [Particular] (3433 plays)

The overlapping basslines will hit you right away on this one. A mysterious voice soon takes over and a cosmic 10-minute journey truly begins, cementing “Excalibur” as an intense and complex piece of music, always demanding the listener’s attention and continually evolving.


1. Sebastian Eric – Not This Time (Primarie Remix) [Tzinah Records] (4003 plays)

The track keeps the main vocal sample used in the original take, only to get modulated in an eerie dimension while the core layering receives a driving re-interpretation. The percussion is more dynamic, a whirling background pad is added for creating tension and the cut slowly slides into a darker feeling while providing a solid groove.


As the submission and registration period for the Open Call for DJs and producers has ended, we now invite you to listen to all 133 tracks received and VOTE for your favourite sets! ✨


Words by: AndreiB


The feeder sound project is organized by Save or Cancel team, composed of Cristina Popa (random) and Andrei Racovițan (ubic), through and is co-funded by AFCN, Thematic area: Digital art and new media. The program does not necessarily represent the position of the National Cultural Fund Administration. AFCN is not responsible for the content of the program or the way the program results can be used. These are entirely the responsibility of the beneficiary of the funding.

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