5 Artists to watch out for with Discotech

2020 looks like an exciting year for Discotech. With already 8 years experience of promoting purely underground dance music, this year the label will see the first release of the vinyl label forthcoming from Kepler and INSTINCT. In the run up to this release, co founder of the label, Jordan Diston, puts a spotlight on 5 artists to watch this coming year.


First up Nayve. His release on Animal Crossing I’ve been playing non stop since I got it a few months back. He’s local to us and great to see someone from the Midlands getting recognition and it’s well deserved. Top lad as well. Much love to our Nottingham crew!



2020 has already seen Kepler off to a brilliant start with a strong string of releases. He’s a quality DJ who really knows his craft. We couldn’t be any happier to welcome him to the label with him doing our first discotech Records release. His 0113 alias is also taking off with him regularly releasing on INSTINCT.


Funnily enough INSTINCT is doing the remix on our Kepler ep. Which really finishes it off the B side nicely.



There’s Garage and then there’s Garage! His Bandcamp is full of absolute bombs and everything he brings out is on point. There’s a proper high energy and groove to them. Safe to say they have never failed when I’ve played them out.



I first saw this guy play at INFUSE and he absolutely blew my head off. Proper selector, and top lad. His label’s Beeyou Records & Subee are really setting the bar high (big up Jamie also for this). Every release is class and safe to say they never leave the bag. Check out his Straight From Home releases on his Soundcloud if you haven’t already. They’re free to download and you won’t be disappointed. If he keeps pulling productions like that out the bag we’re all in for a treat!


Alessio Viggiano

Alessio is an artist who has been on our radar for some time. His productions are played by all of us at discotech regularly and he’s had an amazing string of releases that never disappoint. I’m looking forward to seeing what else he brings out later this year. His recent release; featuring on a VA for HedZup his him all over. Proper grooves – quality music.

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