The Tear of the Wish by AEUL | original mixed medium painting on canvas

2020 AEUL - Lacrima Dorinței The Tear of the Wish painting 10

The Tear of the Wish (Lacrima Dorinței) by AEUL | original mixed medium painting on canvas

Stay home and decorate your room with a new painting made by the omnipresent Romanian graffiti writer AEUL. Since everybody is encouraged to stay indoor, AEUL moved in his studio and started to paint a series of canvases. Inspired by his less known graffiti pieces, AEUL imagined this tangled narrative, titled The Tear of the Wish (Lacrima Dorinței). The artwork combines his noticeable graffiti background with his endless appetite for expressing ideas through art, letters, symbols, patterns and colour.

“The simplicity in giving back to people the idea, and more than that, I force the person to see my idea on a random wall.” – AEUL

AEUL created this painting in Bucharest, Romania, in 2020. The artwork is done in mixed medium, protected with a high gloss lacquer layer, on a 50 x 40 cm stretched cotton canvas. But there is more to this work than it first meets the eye. On the back of the painting, you will discover a little illustrated story featuring an introspective and rather confused piggie-dog. This unique artwork comes with an authenticity certificate, signed by graffiti artist AEUL

This unique and rare composition The Tear of the Wish (Lacrima Dorinței) painted by AEUL is available only in the alongside “Noaptea Zugravului” (The Painter’s Night) and The Pianist at the End of the World by AEUL .


Follow the updates on because soon you will have the chance to discover The Pianist at the End of the World (Pianistul din capătul lumii), one of the latest paintings made by AEUL.


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Text & Photo: Cristina Popa (random), Andrei Racovițan (ubic) / © shop

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