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We start the fourth week of self-isolation with a fresh exclusive premiere and an extended interview with the Italian duo Orion. Because music has to go on! #StayHome #StaySafe

The Italian duo Orion will release “Look At Things EP” with the French label Récit de Voyage or RDV Music in the next few days, so we’re very excited to exclusively premiere A1 “Windom Earle”, a track that’s title references an FBI agent from David Lynch’s Twin Peaks television series. The track reveals a steady-paced composition designed with airy pads and warm background textures while the chugging percussion and subtle hypnotic melodies provide a strong gravitational pull.

The other three tracks also draw influence from deep house, minimalistic techno and ambient, standing as a solid argument for the artists’ versatility and ability to channel all sorts of frequencies, rhythms and ideas. We invite you to find out more about them, the EP and their future plans in the interview below!

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feeder.ro: Hi guys, thanks for taking the time to talk with Feeder. For those who are unfamiliar with your Orion project could you tell us who’s involved, where you’re from and what you’ve done with the project over the past few years?

Orion: Hi, thank you for having us! We’re from Italy and we met each other in Milan where we’ve launched our own label almost two years ago. At the moment Orion Records catalogue is made of three releases and 2020 will bring some more music of course. Last year we had also the chance to show our vision releasing three different live recordings for Smoke Machine, Monument and The Memoir.


f: Your new EP is coming via Parisian artist Molly’s Récit de Voyage label and you released a track on one of the label’s various artist packages in the past, could you tell us how this working relationship with Molly and this new EP came together?

Orion: It all started 2 years ago when we discovered her label. At the time we had a bunch of breakbeats and housey unreleased stuff and our first thought were to send them to Emeline. We started to receive some feedbacks and eventually one of these tracks was selected for the “Récit de Voyage” VA. Since that day we kept sharing music and ideas with her. The upcoming release on RDV is really special to us and we are very grateful for the opportunity.

💥 Listen to the opening track “Windom Earle” exclusively on feeder sound:

Feeder: You guys have been predominantly self-releasing your material on your own Orion label in the past, could you tell us a little about this label, when you started it and what the focus was for you in launching it?

Orion: The label was meant to be a special and cosy place for our own music. When we started making music together, we promised ourselves absolute freedom in terms of genre, bpm and sound, to truly understand in which way it would have unfolded. After a few months of studio sessions, it was clear to both of us. The only goal is to release good music and share it with those who have the same passion as we have.


f: What would you cite as the biggest influence in your music, are there any particular producers or DJs that help to give you a direction musically or are you just generally working a lot in the studio and taking inspiration from somewhere else?

Orion: That’s a good question, we’re super lucky to come from two beautiful and artistic cities, that are still inspiring us a lot. Both of us listen to other types of music than just techno. We have our roots in music like indie rock, ambient, old-school hip hop and a lot more, but for us, it’s all about taking what we like and create something unique in a different way. Nature and movies are very helpful as well.

f: What are you using to make your music and what’s the general approach you’re taking when you go to make music, is it more of a live improvised thing and one of you is focusing on particular things such as rhythm or melodic elements etc. or are you both taking care of everything in a more slow-paced format?

Orion: Usually we work separately, sharing projects, sounds, inspirations etc. but sometimes, when is possible we meet for a full day music immersion. Our setup at the moment is a mix of analogue and digital instruments. We are lucky enough to have two different musical backgrounds that are working well together.


f: What’s next for Orion, could you tell us a little about your plans for the rest of 2020?

Orion: We’re ready to open our record label to other artists (and friends); in our next EP you’ll find two original tracks from us and two remixes from some Italian producers we love. Then we really can’t wait to release some arty stuff we are working on together with ATEQ. He’s helping us a lot developing our vision since day zero; he’s definitely a key figure for us.


f: Lastly, can you share something outside of your own music that you’ve been enjoying lately, maybe a book you’ve been reading, a movie you’ve seen, a recipe you’ve cooked or anything else that comes to mind?

Grab your copy of “Look At Things EP” from deejay.de


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Artist: Orion
Title: Windom Earle
Label: RDV Music
Release Date: 20.04.2020
Format: Vinyl-Only


Words by: Feeder.ro & Orion


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