feeder sound exclusive premiere: Alan Hides – Sylence (Scott Kemp Remix) [Music Related]

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alan hides - sylence [scott kemp remix]

feeder sound exclusive premiere: Alan Hides – Sylence (Scott Kemp Remix) [Music Related]

Providing new music to the public in these tough times and continuing supporting the artists during the quarantine is important as it helps the scene and provides comfort and relaxation to the people.

London-based Music Related Records undertakes this strategy and brings forward “Sylence EP” signed by Alan Hides and backed-up by a remix from LDN boss Scott Kemp. The material features four engaging house-infused tracks which already enjoy early support from the likes of wAFF, Ray Mono, Kreutziger and Dimmish. Founded by Ben Murphy and Luke Hazell, the imprint previously collaborated with many international artists such as Dieru, Haass, AJ Couque, Andrea Wenger, DC Dubz, Justin Pak, Pangea and F.eht, to name only a few.

Alan Hides studied music and sound engineering for many years, always polishing on his skills and vision. His style incorporates numerous influences and provides a distinct signature which blends punchy grooves, shuffling rhythms, bouncy basslines and unforgettable trippy elements. Based in Milan, he enjoys performing at intimate parties just as much as he enjoys spending time in the studio, where he recently crafted materials released by Whoyostro and TESIS: Music Theraphy. Joining him on this EP on remix duties, Scott Kemp is well-known for his intense activity in the scene, having a rich discographic history under his belt as well as a prestigious career as a DJ and label manager.

While staying true to the original elements, the reinterpretation of “Sylence” offers a more minimalistic approach, having the layers filtered and rearranged without removing the energy. The subtle additional glitches and the crisp percussion maintain the balance which is elegantly complemented by spacious build-ups and a steady-paced track progression.

Opening the release, the title track evokes an introspective state of mind through its warm background pads and ethereal voices. The drumming brings fluctuating sequences into focus from time to time while the breakdowns offer relaxed moments. Next, “Twosouls” delights us with a classic house sound powered by swirling synth notes and a seductive vocal break in the second part of the cut. The lyrics conjure up the power of love adding an emotional aspect to the whole journey. Following a similar pattern, “Blue Sunday” combines the bright presence of a female voice with a more uplifting beat, perfect for any kind of dancefloor.

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Artist: Alan Hides, Scott Kemp
Title: Sylence Remix
Label: Music Related Records
Cat. number: MRR059
Release Date: 06.04.2020
Format: Digital


Words by: AndreiB


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