US based DJ/producer Movesayer is back with his new EP “Regenerate”

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After a couple of single track releases on our compilations, US-based DJ/producer Movesayer is back with his own EP: Regenerate.
He proves us again, to be a master of emotional storytelling techno and takes us on a wonderful trip to a heaven full of melodies! This release contains two great originals and two strong remixes, produced by David Di Sabato and Frezel.

Movesayer – Regenerate
When the title track ‘Regenerate’starts to introduce its synths, we’re all pulled directly into this little story. The chords play a beautiful melancholic melody and melt together smoothly with a groovy marimba.
Then, a distinctive buzzing mournful horn comes in, which creates a feeling of relaxation. Though, at the break, an acid arpeggio blows fresh live into the track. When all sounds come together after the break, this pretty melodic story is fully regenerated.

Movesayer – Metamorph
Right from the start, a smooth, percussive intro is drawing the attention. Voices are talking and laughing towards a laid-back horn melody. The deep and growling bass gives body to the harmony of this gentle piece of music. This track is very high in its subtlety, has a groovy rhythm and has a relaxing vibe for sure!

Movesayer – Regenerate (David Di Sabato Remix)
Here is the groovy remix by David Di Sabato. The original is reborn into an uplifting and funky track.
The original horn sound is unaffected but supplemented by a catchy plucked melody. Once in a while a warm female voice sighs satisfied through the tangle of instruments, which gives this remix an extra positive feeling!

Movesayer – Metamorph (Frezel Remix)
Frezel has introduced a nice rhythm in his interpretation of the Metamorph original.
His remix is built on a deep , subby bassline. Lots of percussion is around to make the whole even more danceable. A protestant repetitive string synth melody is well placed between the percussive elements in this track. We can’t get enough of this. A very catchy track, and a big recommendation for the dance floor.

ARTIST: Movesayer, David Di Sabato, Frezel
TITLE: Regenerate
LABEL: Aftertech Records
CAT. #: AR046
GENRE: Melodic Techno
FORMAT: Digital
RELEASE DATE: 01/03/2020

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