Marco Resmann Releases New EP “Caelum”

Marco Resmann Releases New EP "Caelum"

Marco Resmann Releases New EP “Caelum”

2020 marks the beginning of a new era for Upon You Records. Celebrating our 13th year in the business with a quite a few forthcoming specials over the course of the year as well reaching the magical mark of the 150 single release on the label it is about time for label founder, A&R and overall creative mastermind Marco Resmann to take over again with a stunning new four-track single that’s about to define the label sound for the future. Here it is, the „Caelum EP“.

Setting off into the journey with „Lilium“ we see Marco Resmann digging deep into raw, muscular and slightly Acid-influenced Tech territories backed by busy shakers and melodic, all embracing bass waves as a captivating foundation for beautifully intricate, crystalline melodic layers, complex, shrieking additional modulations as well as tender, Trance-resembling pads for an atmospheric addition.

Following up is „Lux“, a tune exploring the deeper side of Marco Resmann’s musical work, meandering in between tripping TechHouse and Intelligent Techno with its stripped-down, yet distinct main motif, trembling low end warps able to shake up Drum’n’Bass floors even and overall hypnotic attitude best experienced in lightless, humungous underground venues for a reason.

With „Septem“ the Berlin-based producer and label head is providing more of a muscular TechHouse stomp garnished by a short, ever looped sawtooth bass motif and more hovering, ethereal atmospheres which are about to turn the tiniest, most shy and sensitive fairy into a full-time raver even before quirky bass warps, twisted rave signals and spaced out sweeps are unfolding to great effect on the dancefloor.

Finally the title track „Caelum“ is bringing forth the most brooding, technoid vibe on this four-tracker. Using and abusing short, razor-sharp hi-hats, continuous low-end rolls and large scale space subs we see Marco Resmann at his very best in terms of shaping more heavenly atmospheres, gauzy string arrangements and jingly sonic cascades which just seem to have come down to earth from the mighty heavens.

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