Intro_p presents his new ep “Tierra”

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Intro_p presents his new ep "Tierra"

Intro_p presents his new ep “Tierra”

Intro_p´s name is inspired by the extensive property of a thermodynamic system, called “Entropy”. According to this property, every system of molecules evolves towards a state of maximum Entropy, like the universe itself. Therefore, it is often said that Entropy is an expression of “expansion” and “randomness”.

In his 7th EP “Tierra”, Intro_p stands up against the actual environmental policy in the world and the lack of courage of our leaders. We all are at a wobbly ride with plenty of curves and landscapes. However, following the journey of this eclectic EP you might recognize one of Intro_p´s statements:

Techno was born through multiple “collisions” and “merges” with other domains and it will remain alive in this way.

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