feeder sound 248 mixed by Prichindel (recorded at Sunrise @ Dincolo)

feeder sound 248 mixed by Prichindel 01

It doesn’t feel like it’s winter outside and this week’s episode of the feeder sound podcast series dropped by our guest Prichindel will surely make you think about the hot summer days that are about to come.

Prichindel started mixing only a couple of years ago but he quickly made a name for himself, as his distinct groovy style caught people’s attention in no time. Bringing forward an energetic blend of house, techno, minimal, breaks and electro, he managed to find a spot on Sunrise Agency’s rooster and soon after he began touring, delivering amazing selections at the most important parties and festivals of 2018 and 2019, including Mountain Scape Festival, 3 Smoked Olives Island Festival and Sunwaves.

When he performs he’s completely immersed into what he’s doing while he also connects to the dancefloor, offering a consistent experience for the party-goers. Amongst the artists Prichindel shared the decks with we find a lot of big names in the industry, such as Mihai Pol, Cesar Merveille, Herodot, Federico Molinari, Arapu, Giuliano Lomonte, Nu Zau, Mihigh, Haokah, Sepp, Gescu, Cally, Traumer and Dan Andrei, to name just a few. Aside from the gigs he constantly has in Romania, from time to time he also travels across Europe spreading the “Romanian Sound” vibes, with recent appearances in Israel, Russia, The United Kingdom and France. More will follow soon so stay sharp!

feeder sound 248 mixed by Prichindel was recorded at Sunrise @ Dincolo in Vama Veche last year, an event that took place over the weekend at the shores of the Black Sea near the border with Bulgaria. The set reveals a very dynamic combination of old and new tracks infused with acidic breaks and progressive techno sounds while the playful and organic transitions include tracks like “Mistral” by Silat Beksi & Daniel Broesecke, “Phantom” by Opal Sunn and Vern’s remix of “Vital Information” by Chklte amongst many other gems. Enjoy the ride!

What do you think about Prichindel‘s unique way of playing electronic music? Let us know in the comments!


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Words by AndreiB


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