Adam X released its new album Regions Of Times on Traversable Wormhole

Adam X released its new album Regions Of Times on Traversable Wormhole – out on November 4th, 2019

Adam X‘s highly respected, deep, science fiction laden, Traversable Wormhole project celebrates its 10-year journey with a first full-length studio album titled Regions Of Time. Lying mostly dormant since 2012, with a cameo appearance on Hospital Record back in 2016 with two tracks, TW is now fully awoken from the long travel through the space-time continuum with eight new songs of thought-provoking, psychedelic, bass-heavy, galaxian techno.

Adam X‘s back catalogue is, of course, vast, spanning over a period three decades under several aliases. The New York native recently released his devious escapade through rumbling EBM and industrial techno in the form of his full-length album Recon Mission, released under his Sonic Groove Imprint. With this project being under the Traversable Wormhole alias, be sure to expect a completely different facet to X‘s repertoire of pounding excursions.

Step through the wormhole portal and take a deep cerebral mind trip into “Regions Of Time“.

Traversable Wormhole – Regions Of Time (Album Clips) by Sonic Groove Records

Grab your copy from

Artist: Adam X
Title: Regions Of Time
Label: Traversable Wormhole
Cat. number: TWLP001
Release date: 04.11.2019
Format: 2×12″ vinyl, digital


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