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Jnks released its new EP ''A Trip to Init 5'' on Death Proof Recordings

Jnks released its new EP ”A Trip to Init 5” on Death Proof Recordings

It‘s with great pleasure and excitement that we get to put this stunning work out to you. With some years in the making, our most consistent artist, Jnks, provides you with his seminal album on Death Proof Recordings.

Named ‚”A Trip To Init 5‘‘, Jnks has taken inspiration from TV‘s ‚”Mr Robot”: penetrating the incongruous, tormented mind of the lead character and the complicated processes of recovering data lost in the midst of the system. The crux being ‚”Init 5‘‘ is the process of system based life and its culmination, which aligns perfectly with this great LP.

Like the abyss that is technology, Jnks delves deep into his repertoire and provides a burgeoning collection of ethereal yet raw techno and atmospheric electronica. This is for the deep thinkers, the people who love to get lost in the music, the pioneers. A real technologically tinged triumph.


1. Some Pieces Missing (Original Mix) 04:48
2. Recovering (Original Mix) 06:48
3. Loading (Original Mix) 06:13
4. Restored (Original Mix) 05:40
5. Error (Original Mix) 07:25
6. Delete (Original Mix) 05:09
7. Burnt (Original Mix) 06:30
8. Saved (Original Mix) 07:18
9. Resources ft. Roi Martinez (Original Mix) 07:36
10. Light After All ft. The Dac (Original Mix) 05:55
11. Init 5 (Original Mix) 09:49

Download your copy of A Trip to Init 5 LP on bandcamp

Artist: Jnks
Title: A Trip to Init 5 LP
Label: Death Proof Recordings
Cat. number: DPRLP002
Release date: 04.11.2019
Format: Digital album

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