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Epi Centrum released Transfer of Power (Trapez) - out on November 15th, 2019

Epi Centrum released Transfer of Power (Trapez) – out on November 15th, 2019

Warsaw based Jurek Przezdziecki, aka techno guru Epi Centrum, is set to release Transfer of Power on Cologne label Trapez later this week. Known for their Berghain-worthy hard-hitters, Trapez have been bringing in the deep cuts since 2000, and now connect with the modular maverick Epi Centrum on this 4-track EP of slickly produced hits, recorded with Centrum’s signature experimental hand on the analogue mixer.

First on the EP is title track ‘Transfer of Power’, a product of distorted feedback and glaring techno to outshine any set. The dark bass carries into the next track ‘Crepuscular’, which skates on the fringes of IDM with its propensity for melody between the beats.

Centrum’s manipulated vocals can be heard on the hypnotic swirl of ‘WUWYP’, combining whirring mechanical drums, whilst ‘Wet’ is a shimmering emblem of melodic techno, wit abrasive noisy percussions adding a distinct edge.

Transfer of Power is an intense gem of modular synth-driven techno, and a welcome addition to Epi Centrum’s impressive projects.

Get it here

Artist: Epi Centrum
Title: Transfer of Power
Label: Trapez
Cat. #: Trapez 218
Release Date: 15.11.2019
Format: Digital


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