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This week’s episode of the feeder sound podcast series invites Roluce to deliver the grooves, well-known for his activity as a part of the ROAR duo.

Hailing from Marseille, Romain Lucas Cebrian aka Roluce is an active member of the French underground scene since 2004. Passionate about electronic music and mad about vinyl, he always seeks to transmit his emotions through his productions and DJ sets while constantly working on developing a personal distinct sound. His style incorporates numerous influences from various genres, extending from ambient and experimental to house, microhouse, minimal and techno.

In 2014 Romain co-founded ROAR alongside Cédric Batret, building a complex artistic universe around methodical rhythms and analogue sounds. Looking for new sonorities, the two explored organic and futuristic arrangements, delivering deep and hypnotic music through publishers like Archipel, Mama Recordings, Resopal Schallware, Baile Musik, Razom, Soblazn Music, Ukiyo Music, Yarn Records, Flügel, Arcane Circle, Perception Dub, Bla Bla Music and the French imprint Work In Progress founded by Cédric in collaboration with Arthur Roussel in 2018. They also worked with artists like Cavaan, Yaroslav Lenzyak, Juan Zolbaran, Alles Andrs and Echoton, dispatching amazing materials and remixes.

feeder sound 245 mixed by Roluce reveals a delphic journey through immersive and engaging compositions alike, flowing elegantly from deep minimalistic cuts to more uplifting sounds. The carefully crafted transitions provide spacious build-ups and lush introspective moments while the vinyl selection includes some eclectic records and rare gems. Enjoy!

What are your thoughts on this recording and what do you think about Roluce‘s unique approach to electronic music? Let us know in the comments!


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