feeder sound exclusive premiere: Nick Neiman – Bureaucracy

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Nick Neiman - Bureaucracy 01

feeder sound exclusive premiere: Nick Neiman – Bureaucracy

Hailing from Poltava, Ukraine, Nick Neiman is a young DJ and producer who’s been making music and mixing for about 5 years. All this time he explored various genres and recently settled for deep tech and the specific Romanian house to be his favourites. The music he’s been making got published by labels like Colour In Music, So Tight and Tempora Records, while several releases are already confirmed for the upcoming year. As a selector, he collaborated with the popular promo group Wave, performed at the local underground event Mazanka Lake and at other parties in his hometown as well.

💥 With the Ukrainian scene offering more and more surprises and bringing forward new sounds, we can definitely say that Nick it’s on a path of ascension and that we’ll hear new sounds from him soon. Time to listen to one of his unreleased tracks titled “Bureaucracy” exclusively on feeder sound:

“This track has been made for a relatively long time, not because a lot of time has been spent on it, but because fussing with bureaucracy in different branches of my life took up a lot of time, which provoked it to be called “Bureaucracy.” I wanted to convey a strange feeling of weakness and at the same time just give my ears an opportunity to relax without thinking about anything.” – Nick Neiman

The track has a distinct playfulness embedded into it while the rhythm remains minimalistic throughout. The variations also deliver some breaks and glitched micropatterns that complement the background textures which are designed with melodic synth sequences, subtle eerie voices and spacious build-ups. The bassline also stands out with its funky presence, adding contrast and balance to the whole composition.


Artist: Nick Neiman
Title: Bureaucracy
Release Date: 30.12.2019


Words by: AndreiB


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