BTLT: at Robert OBERT‘s Invasion

BTLT at Robert OBERT‘s Invasion

BTLT (Been There Liked That): at Robert OBERT‘s Invasion at Insula 42

Although Friday 13th, we wore our yellow clothing and went to see the latest exhibition by Robert Obert. The invasion took place at Insula 42 and it was curated by Elvira Lupșa. The experimental solo exhibition feeds the viewers’ and our imagination with a mix of psycho-punk, dystopian perspectives and the “possibility of a real liberation”, as revealed by Elvira in the curatorial statement. On this occasion, Robert Obert exhibited old and new works, unveiling his ability to work handling different techniques on various mediums and materials. Starting with meticulous drawings in his sketchbooks or random doodling, his process of thinking manifests in street art interventions such as murals or handpainted panels, large paintings or sculptures. Robert Obert‘s bionic retro-future characters are calling out the major problems that the world face right now and are an alarm signal about the changes we can do.

“I think I have a fascination for the self-destructive power of mankind since I was a kid, all of these elements mixed together in my mind have begun to generate content that in time is refining and processing more and more. I try to illustrate not only these worlds but also the mechanisms behind them, what have been the causes for which the characters and the world in which they exist are like this, sometimes as an alarm signal for what we might also end up being in this reality in which we live, if we do not manage ourselves properly.” – interview with Robert Obert

Buy the Un-hidden Street Art in Romania book and discover more about his current activity.


Text & photo: Cristina Popa (random) & Andrei Racovițan (ubic) / ©

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