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NYC legend Justin Strauss, Moscoman and Max Pask unveil new project ‘Trading Places’ and debut EP, ‘Submission’

Trading Places is what happens when three talented producers from different parts of the globe come together in Throne of Blood’s Brooklyn studio. Long time friends Moscoman (Disco Halal), Max Pask (Throne of Blood/Crodwspacer/DeeWee) and NYC legend Justin Strauss have built upon years of hanging out in New York and Berlin to form a loose, improvisational partnership.

Recorded whenever Moscoman found himself in NYC and supplemented by sessions from frequent collaborators Strauss and Pask, Trading Places transforms a handful of days jamming together into one of Throne of Blood’s finest releases. It’s also the label’s first formal collaboration with Disco Halal, a one-off partnership similar to previous releases with Monty Luke’s Black Catalogue and Adam Marshall’s New Kanada.

Opening the EP, the haunting and percussive “Submission” features vocals from The Golden Filter and is backed by a special Moscoman remix.

“Elevated” takes a turn for the cosmic with its feet planted firmly in the club, and the EP closes with the epic slow burner, “Trading Places.



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