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iBi Catamaran Seasonal change signifies an opportunity to board a boat and help our planet become plastic-free

Last updated on April 7th, 2020 at 07:24 pm

Seasonal change signifies an opportunity to board a boat and help our planet become plastic-free

Only a matter of months ago, we saw the launch of Ibiza’s first fully solar-powered ocean plastic clean up boat, brought to the seas from Ed and Joke from iBi Foundation. Following the rescue of a sea turtle from waste material and floating plastic, they were spurred into action and created a template we hope the rest of the world soon adopts.

The new boat named ‘‘iBi’ is fitted with an innovative plastic cleaning system and fitted on a solar-powered and zero-emission catamaran that aligns with their environmental goals and clearly showcases a model for future boating. This unique project captures the symbiotic relationship between nature, technology and design, with how it’s being applied to improve the modern world we live in. 

With an inventive spirit that is engaging locals and leading volunteers to support the iBi Foundation, theirs is a solid campaign to assist their mission in cleaning the Balearic sea. They have already been recognised for their combined efforts, which are already playing a vital role in Ibiza’s dedication to becoming completely free from single-use plastics by the year 2023.

With heightened plans to extend this to a global opportunity, we can actively see a vision and dedication unfold, immediately enlisting people who visit Ibiza on annual holidays, residents or wish to support and sponsor from across the world.

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