Mollono.Bass: Exclusive Interview

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Mollono.Bass: Exclusive Interview

Mollono.Bass: Exclusive Interview

We caught up with internationally renowned artist Mollono.Bass, as he prepares to drop his highly anticipated album entitled – Remix Collection V. Brimming with his atmospheric grooves, the fifth instalment in a tantalising LP series designed for a broad-spectrum appeal to party heads with musical sophistication. Here’s what went down: Thanks for joining us at Feeder today, Molle! How’s everything in your world?

Mollono.Bass: Ahoy… thanks for having me, my pleasure! Well, meteorologically speaking everything looks pretty grey up here in the North-East of Germany at the moment. But even though I miss the sun, I feel pretty good. The end of the year has its own vibe. I like the reflective, introspect mood. It’s great for making new plans, to be creative in the studio without feeling like missing out on something outside… also a great time to answer interviews!


f: Let’s chat about your Remix Collection V, which features an array of standout mixes – how long was the project in planning?

Mollono.Bass: For me, the remix collection is an ongoing project which has been an important part of my life as an artist for many years already. Re-interpreting the music of artists I like is a fascinating balancing act between being inspired and at the same giving expression to my own creative ideas. Whenever I download a sample package for a remix I feel very excited, almost like it’s a Christmas present… The fifth part of my remix collection came together over the last year or so. I’m super happy to see it finally released!


f: A stunning soundscape across the opening ‘Lighthouse’ – can you tell us a little about how this re-work came about?

Mollono.Bass: I really like that one, as well – a very intense atmosphere in this track. I came across Whale vs. Elephant, the band who wrote the original track while looking for music for our festival. They sent this track as a demo and it was love at first listen. The idea to make a remix for it came immediately. Also, we invited the band to perform at our 3000Grad Festival and they played a fantastic concert. I think there’s a lot of potential here, really great music!


f: How often do you look to release a Remix Collection & what most influences your track selection?

Mollono.Bass: As an artist, I was never comfortable with doing just one thing. That’s why I have different projects, that’s why I’ve been following different musical paths. Remixing other artists I like is one of these paths. And, as the saying goes, the path is the goal. That said, I do not have a fixed schedule for my remix collections, it’s not that I set myself a deadline. But as it happens there are always new remixes piling up on my hard disk.

As for the selection, I guess the main criteria are: Music I like at the moment. Being involved in 3000Grad Records and Acker Records I listen to a lot of demos, plus I’m following the work of many producer friends. In this steady flow of fresh music, there’s frequently a piece that really touches me, a track that instantly brings up ideas for a remix.


f: What’s the scene like in your homeland currently?

Mollono.Bass: The scene in Germany is buzzing. There are more parties and festivals than ever. From North to South, from East to West, from underground to mainstream: There’s so much going on that it became virtually impossible to keep track of everything – even when you’re very well connected. Speaking for myself, I know about many great events and music labels who give expression to the incredibly vast and varied electronic music culture in this country. For my part, being from the North-East of Germany, I organize parties and festivals with my 3000Grad family for around 20 years already. I think it’s still very exciting with lots of innovative developments happening and fresh talent popping up even after all these years.

f: How’s your touring schedule looking, as we move into the winter season?

Mollono.Bass: Happy to say that it is pretty busy. We are touring with many artists from the 3000Grad collective this winter, for instance to Ritter Butzke / Berlin or Übel & Gefährlich / Hamburg. In February and March, I traditionally spend some time in beautiful Spain.<


f: And finally, what’s next for Mollono.Bass – any new releases or news you can share with us?

Mollono.Bass: I have exciting news to share, indeed: My new Mollono.Bass album is taking shape, it’s scheduled for 2020. Lots and lots of collaborations with musicians and producer friends, a super fun project so far!


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